The Story of Love: Part II

How.  Dare you.  How DARE you!!  After every dollar I spent, every surprise hug and lingering kiss… You don’t have the right to anger.  You write to right the wrong you felt in the emotional danger, but it’s a lie.  Be I stranger, or be I lover, no so-called truth you can ever concoct will move me…  We.  Are. Through. And there is NOTHING you can do about it.

My tears have become the acid that I long to inject into your veins.  You claim that I’m the one to blame for this crippled heart that’s got my emotions hobbling on a cane, but without you I wouldn’t be able.  Make no mistake- this isn’t spiteful love… this is just ME.  Hateful.  Give me a mallet and some stakes, and I’ll nail you to my kitchen table.

I find the intensity of your anger amusing- and how fitting that it is intense, for you live in it!!  Look at me.  Happy.  Smiling.  Living.  Learning.  While you rot in the filth of a love lost soul condemned to a morgue, never to be identified on this earth.  Your hatred will be your undoing- like a black hole, it will suck away any other light in your life that you even think you possess.

You arrogant, swagger-sick, mind numbing IDIOT!! Flinging these words around like water droplets from a shattered vase, as if the self confidence you walked away with was the one you entered with.  Do not pretend that this cloud nine euphoria, was your story before you met me- when we crossed paths, you were just a pitiful little boy cryin in the rain.  I taught you seduction, and the flow of the heart… I taught you how to give back a love that you thought you would never find again.  I- was your friend… Biologically you were a man, but you needed a woman to make you realize it.

How very typical- mud slinging, with emotions ringing… sounding a note of flagrant discord in an effort to distract.  But I cannot be distracted nor disarmed.  You were a crutch and nothing more.  An available hand to ease my itch.

There are no words to express my hate.  There are no tortures to explain what I will do to you if you so much as THINK my name.  Satan has no blaze hotter than my fury, and God Himself has no Heaven that can keep you from my wrath.  My addiction to you has become my lethal obsession- with every cell in my body… I hate you.

Bring it on.  I fear nothing… least of all women- and least of all women, YOU.  I tried to be nice, but you just contrive more lies, so now you get the full beast that I kept hidden inside… You are nothing to me.  A scuff on the bottom of my shoe.  The forgotten thought on the backburner of my mind.  The void of love itself that plagues your heart…

… Eve turned Adam away from his obedience to God.  My power over you is deeper than you realize… Though we be separated by the waters of a thousand seas, the planets of a thousand universes, or the futility of love denied- I will always have power over you.  And I promise you… every time I utter your name- I will cause you unspeakable… pain.


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