The Story of Love: Part III

Do you even remember what it’s like to be in love anymore?

Not just the choice of it- but being in it.  The stuff that poets write about and knights go to war for.  The mighty force that, once it grabs hold of you, completely transforms by restoring.  Replacing the aching gaps in your memory with the familiar feeling of love overwhelming.

Only love can be that familiar touch in your soul, though you yet be stranger to it.

Do you really remember?

Everybody’s got opinions, and their own missions, but the ones who do the most talking about love are the ones who are most distant… from it.  Those who see the sun setting on the horizon tell of its color and fading beauty- but to live in the sun itself as it sets is truth- truly.  Not an observation, but a sensation.  Not a fading sight, but a burning light.  The difference between the sane and insane is the stability of their mental state… so when they tell me I’m lovestruck crazy, I just hug my arms to my sides and ask for my straightjacket baby!

What are a few missing marbles compared to being IN love?  There is no loss that cannot be twice gained, nor any word uttered or composed phrase that can decompose the whole soul submerged in the gold of love rained.

And this- this I choose today.

No matter my past, the emergence of love is my future.  My reality.  My right now.  My heart flows with the gasoline of hopin, preventing any corrosion, and when at long last that love match is struck there will be an uncontainable explosion!!  I can see the day before my eyes, as if it were already happening.  My midday love upon the midnight wind, whipping around the earth, kisses upon my face and completely unmasking me.  Throwing off that old image of who I thought I was, and exposing me to the transformative starlit rays that play hide and seek across the universe.

This is that galactic love.

The type of love that, once in it, you can no longer breathe, but you no longer need to because your strong has been freed, and if anyone was to cut you, it’d be sunlight that you bleed, because when you’re in love- it is the flame of its own essence that burns through your being.

No matter the sorrow… No matter the blinding fury…

No matter social expression… No matter family patterns…

No matter the cage, the caged-bird will sing…

No matter anything that would set itself against the heart… As long as that heart believes- it will find itself consumed by love eventually.

Do you even remember what it’s like to be in love anymore?

Not just the choice of it- but being in it.

The most potent of contradictions… A clashing warship, and a dew touched flower petal drippin.  A thunderstorm across foreign skies, and the silent exchange of soul kissed eyes during tender goodbyes.

I was once… and shall be again.  And if you struggle to remember, take a stroll through nature and read this monologue again.  It simply won’t do for love to have an ignorant advocate- everybody wants to speak of it, but only from a distance.

But true love is two things… Unconditional.

And intimate.  Not the passionate lust, reeking animalistic- but the transparent communication betwixt spirits.

Let’s take a steady breath- and remember.  Love.  Again…


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