Evil Actually

I drink deeply of the shadows…
Close my eyes and revel in the poison coursing through my veins, my name- is deranged. The darkness soothes me… heals me… A perverted addiction to death.  With every inhale I lose more breath, but knowing that I’m gonna be in hell, I couldn’t care less.

The scent of blood mixes with the sweat of my stressed and shattered spirit.  Pain is all that I know.  Deemed by many as a hero, but secretly I’m the prodigal.  My secrets secreted away flow on sea crests of fire burned chests deep into the pit of all that I am.

Lower than nothing, and beyond all value…

An empty vessel…

Shattered earthenware… flawed pottery slung off the wheel.

Writhing in agony.  Depressed into sleep in my insomnia.  Each step wishing it to be my last, but alas, they continue down this path of lackluster bravery.  This winding road of deception masked slavery pretending to be a good time.  So called equal opportunity, but the only equality is in suffering.

I revel in the darkness, and embrace my existence as misery…

Goodness used to be my identity, but now-

I’m evil, actually.


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