The New Ones

The light dawns…

And dawn alights upon the dawn itself, piercing eager blue eyes.  Swirling in rich brown pupils.  Twinkling in the magic of green irises.  Shining is… a gift.

Presented as a peace offering from the universe to the planet earth.  A token of goodwill, and a promise for a better future during misfortune…

The sun is always shining behind the clouds.

And as it shines, it dials.  Tick, tock.  Dials the hotline for newborn purpose in newborn life- tick, tock.  Like the foamy crests of a rebellious ocean wave or the perpetual pull of quicksand under gravity, mankind is the force that won’t be tamed.  From infant to decrepit traveling the winding road from womb to tomb, this wild people can only be herded.

But these eyes do not know that.

Gently blinking, long lashes sinking into unwrinkled perfection softer than fresh grass wrapped in foam.  A wail of complaint, not against anybody in particular, but a desperate plea to return from the glory recently departed.  The internal burning of the soul for the embrace of Heaven begins with that first toxic breath of life support we call oxygen.

But if your eyes were once filled with the glory of God, and your lungs filled with the vigorous adoration of angels, how could you easily settle for mortal fate racing like a deer in the hills in the opposite direction?

The light dawns…

The dawn of light is for the new life.  The new rights, who knew right, and must provide new write.

Light is constant- even when eyes can only see the dark of the moon.

Seven pounds of flesh guarding one very precious will… The light dawns and all at once all is still…

The new ones just want to feel the warmth again.  Don’t force the butterfly before the cocoon, but rather give them a chance to experience love again.  Head to chest, body to heart, softly murmured promises that not even death can tear apart…

This is what the new ones know.

And as they old, they gold, so long as this newness is held close.

The dawn of the light…


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