Forgetting to Remember

If the sun thought itself moon, and heaven thought itself doom, and if we believed that life is nought but lies then what use would be truth?

What would be the use of mending broken hearts, just leave them unended, suspended in their dark cloud of gloom.  No room, for hopeful spectacles, or unexpected miracles, see- if I forget myself worth goes through the roof.  Salute to who I was…

And who the heck are you.  

Sharp eyed watcher, wide-lensed cinematographer, sleeping dreamer, grade school teacher, student, actor, new spouse, preacher…?!

Or perhaps an interesting combination like your favorite flavor, in your favorite layer of grandma’s one-of-a-kind-cake.  Maybe you fancy yourself a special exotic blend, like I did- a little less than perfect, but a little more than sin.  Mixed in with all God’s best ingredients, envied by angels, and just a step below Jesus.

If I thought myself you, and you thought yourself watchdog, life would be chaos, and the aim for which we were made to claim by a faith walk across fiery terrain would be utterly forsaken.  Like trying to cook a sweet potatoe pie in Barbie and Ken’s oven, the result would be nothin… we would just lay there.  Staring into each other’s eyes, some mad and some crying, wondering why we’re not transforming into something incredibly phenomenal.

What is the point of being cast in existence, if in it, we try to play another role?  If you have a thumb that is constantly trying to be a toe, it’s better to just cut it off- it’ll throw your life off balance.

What sense does it make for a storybook character to try and leave the pages, or a fairytale princess to try and demand wages- just serve the purpose  for which you were created and everything else will fall in its proper placing!!

… breath…

The heart deceives, but the heart also knows… your heart will point you to truth, but then dissuade you when you get too close…

Mistaken identity is the greatest sin of all- it’s better for you, to be personally clueless, than to be hypnotized by the ring of somebody else’s call…

If you know not, then fear not- pray hard, and try lots.

If you knew once, but lost time, then take time, to rewind…

And don’t forget to remember.


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