Antigravity Boots

Seems like the “seems life” is coming undone at the seams… blinded by the very things we see… glitzy shackles and guaranteed wages, but this is still slavery. 

A glance up shoves heads down- smiling faces are battered until flipped upside down, as a people we are proud and strut around under imaginary crowns but the voices of our secret places are crying out so loud… so loud…


Feet glued like the shadow of the universe cast upon the moon… making moves with arms, hips, and lip talk, blowing a lot of smoke but no liftoff, selfishly trying to track down destiny but I get lost because destiny seems to always be tipped off…

Be grateful.

Release from the teasing embrace of emotions unfaithful. From heart twisted so hateful. The bank change we bank on volcanoes and bankrupts until the selfish tug is slipped like feet on rugs and we go loony like bugs… bunny.  Play a new tune, Super Vampire your life and emerge into your twilight in a new booth, and we both will be grateful.

The power of humans loving humans is unmistakable.  See the souls for the skins; see the royalty of all women and men.  Transcend accepted living and push for Heaven… hell is other people when we don’t.

Thank you.

Your liberty sets me free; your faith walk gives me wings.  And when we live unselfishly, God’s miracles become wealth for needs. We hit our knees to serve each other, live on purpose to love each other.  We are one team. One race. One ethnicity called humanity, together we gain victories.

Gratefulness prevents soul decay… open the door, be whole today…

Bi-winning in a straight way 😉



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