I just wanted to let you know that though I think you’re amazing, you should be aware that I’m crazy.  Take a little dash of euphoria and dip it into a wild river of the untamed and what shall arise is a crystallized diamond bearing my name.

I fancy you as my fancy, and the way you twitch those thighs when you move has me believing you would like… to be… my muse…

But I need more than a princess- angelic beauty beyond a queen.  I need a warrior- a lady with an edge.  The highest royalty bearing the soul robes of convicted bandits.  I will give you my strength- the full measure of every tenth, and all I ask is that you take it.  Receive my unbridled nature as satiation in return for the purest essence of your inspiration…

In my head there are no maybes.  For you I would give anything… except my heart.  I will not forsake my greatest gain of self, to gain self expressed solely through you.  I am knight.  Fighter.  King.  Champion.  For you I will be all these things and more, and yet should against my heart you make war to you I will be nothing.

A faint vapor sailing away upon a misty night’s wind…

Will you receive what I’m offering?  You’ve startled me and caused me to see flashes of Heaven’s sunrise in the eyes of your life like white lightning, and I know I can only be better with you by my side…

But understand my love- I am a man.  I was stitched together in unrest, and born… on the wild side.

Will you be my baby?


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