The Will of Bachan

Melodical smoothness reaching out towards infinity through the sunny expanse of time… arms reaching through black holes to grab hold of the wholeness that the progress of humanity has so foolishly left behind.  Strings vibrate the harmonious sounds and wrap rap til it’s soundless and sounds less like something we would prefer to have no sound at all.

Before we know it we must press hand to head to keep from floating away as our ears turn into the wind of the instruments’ sweet serenade.  Blind, deaf, mute, and paralyzed all come forth to be married off today.  To be bonded with the condiments of the soul truth of today, listen- you can lose yourself as that music plays.

It jumps! It skips! It rolls along the ground.  To the untrained eyes, tis a spasm of the heart but to the wizened tis the most exceptional display of talent vocalized art.  When in uniform harmony none can part rider from horse, nor wars between stars from sheer force, and the force of the beauty going forth is nothing shy of amazing.

Then the drum hits, and destiny cracks open her door just a bit and we realize the key is changing!  Cascades of fallen dreams spilling over from the endless weaving basket of space!  This is beyond mere music, this is the heart song of faith!  It’s beyond great.  Beyond any construct that mere mortals have so brazenly made…

This, music… These, instruments… This divinely sweet nectar that we drink so deeply of unto the deepest crevasses of our indwelling spirit…

This is a class of purity all its own…

We would do well to sit back and listen.


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