Caption This

I met a love once who once let me fall in love.

Wings of a swan with the heart span of an angel, I was taken aback by my breathless posture. As a king, I was over accustomed to vast beauty, but it was something in the intricacy of how the setting sun and receding waves on the beach responded to her that garnered my interest.

Words on a page became translucent in perfect imitation of her purity. Stronger than steel and stainless see, my unworthy eyes beheld her glory for far longer than they should, oh shameless me.  At once, my mind began to conjure up every famous deed.  Every act of goodness or miracles performed by every hero in history, that I might somehow join that noble bloodline and lay down my crown for legacy…

I found true love in destiny; discovered manhood as critical to romance’s recipe.

I met a love once who once let me fall in love.

She didn’t insist on it, didn’t push me into it, didn’t attempt to seduce the surface of my heart with her sensual movements.  Patiently didst she sit behind love’s door waiting to be summoned by a ring. She did not bother my friends with meaningless inquiries, asking “Would he come for me? Would he? Buzz?” No she let me fall, and that in style. Let me answer the rugged call of the wild, cuz while I be yet wild, it is the highest form of love and desire to be able to embrace Her and still not lose myself.

The once love who once let me fall in love with her once upon a time…

Forever hath thee so enchanted my heart dearest, and thus forever shalt mine all be thine.


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