Ready Now

The waves are calmer now.

Shafts of bold light have scattered the inebriating suffocation of dense clouds threatening to fill my mouth with lies and drown me… there was a crippling duel in the skies, and I emerged a walker.  A runner. A flier.

Wings up.

Through trailblazes so keen my eye beams have burned beams out of my eyes that I might see you more clearly.

A beloved queen.

The highest class of first class royalty exing out my inner civilian and stimulating a kingly loyalty, but an invisible man with a crown is no king at all and it wasn’t until tribulation dragged me down to its bowels that I was able to see my rise beyond the fall. In the redundancy of truthful honesty I loved the sweet sound of your beauty, but I clamoured for it.  So strongly delicate from your hair to your nails, but I hammered for it.

I wanted so much to be what was needed to gain what I lacked, that I failed to succeed in being at all.

But the waves are calmer now.

Like Emperor Poseidon I now rule over the greatest waters of all- the galaxy.  I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, secure enough to be your forever friend, and patient enough… to wait for you to fall in love with me.

I hide the palms of my hand in gloves fashioned from your heart, so that you might encounter a familiar warmth when at long last you clasp hands with me into destiny.


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