A Keeper


You know these young women aint got nothin on you right? Here you are- real woman personified, confidence as your natural stature, and in your casual sweater classsier than all of their combined, dolled up swagger.

You attract courageous men- they still in they baby skin!

Yes, it’s you I have spotted from across the room.  Dancing in tune to the groove of the music, in a deceptively revealing dress that simply says “this treasure can only be plundered by the pleasure of a room of two.” And by the way you beat off those  dogs with your clever smile, I know not just any room will do. You’re far too grown, and way too cute.

This is precisely the type of woman I’ve been waiting for. The one who, by her presence, awakens the more within myself.

I see the extra padding around the belt, cuz you done had a couple kids. The wrinkles around your eyes, from when you didn’t want to live. The subtle slack in your back from the black marks of shame. The knowledge of wrong things done weighing on your brain…

And I think that’s perfect.

Workout and be healthy, but I know there’s more than abs to being sexy. The eye wrinkles are completely offsett by eye twinkles- your persevering passion for life overrides any old opportunities tribulation had for you to die. You are wiser. Stronger.  And probly just a tad bit freakier. I’d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to miss this miracle that entered my life.

The whole room is live, but like life, for the most important things they’re sleepers.

Not I- that’s why I’m making my way across the room… daring to hope upon a honeymoon… Baby you’re amazing and your age just makes you sweeter. In all things incredulous, mi’lady-

You’re a keeper.


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