Slender to my finger touch… thicker than what you prefer, but to me it doesn’t mean much. I trust that between love’s luck and loving’s smooth touch the rush into perfection will be one to relish.

It is you that I cherish. A song a day from forever until the day I perish, it’s precious- that’s what you say to me. My flowery words and sensual poetry swimming flowingly into your emotional mortuary bringing love back to life.

That’s cute, you say.

I pour my all out like pouring rain, wiping away your acquired stains of your growing age, baby I want you to stay. Don’t trip off me, your history, your destiny or any force forcibly messing with thee. Live royally for thou art Queen. Live wholly for thou art seen.

Stroll with me on the beach.

I will cup the moonlight and frame your face with its healing rays…

You’re not old babe… not washed out…

You- are beauty’s epitome.


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