I’ve slid down a course, riddled with so many holes that it looked it as though it was a modern fashion statement.  The burn marks along my back and arms serve as painful reminders that declines favor the great.  The deeper the hill dips, the higher the stakes.

There have been so many statements that I have made in great faith proclaiming a love from Heaven echo-locating through my heart, just to orient around you.  Or her. Or she. There have been so many, that I have esteemed to be higher than any when really- they were simply of bargain-able value like the two through eight dollar menu at Denny’s.

I mean no disrespect.

It was the foolishness of my heart combined with a passion for a passionate life full of no regret that permitted me to rack up so many emotional tickets just because she was fine.  Looking back I have realized that I was born out of time like an empty hour glass. And as such, life has been rough, because deep in my heart I yearn for a smooth culture like fine wine. Aged unto grace, and adorned by the wreath of time.

And it is for precisely this reason that I can never go back.

Martin Luther King couldn’t return to the valley after seein his dream at the mountaintop… Lazarus couldn’t ignore life’s call even after his body stopped.  I done came up to the come up, cuz baby you’re the one up.  Virgin Mary’s daughter cuz you saved me from this hellish stuff.

The games are no longer enticing.  The stormy skies, and broken hearts are no longer exciting.  I used to be a one spark guy, but now it’d take a notebook full of flame for there to be any igniting.

Love is where you are, and I’ll simply go without if you’re not beside me. The sight of thee hath given me wings up past sky’s reach-

And I’m never coming back down.


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