High Call

I want…

A woman who is silly
A woman who aint fast
A woman who my friends look
At and say “shawty is BAD !”
A woman who is smart
Who can communicate with my heart
Who is bigger than love’s rep
And in love with love’s art

I want…

A woman who is strong
Who will also receive my strength
Who has a radical soul
Yeah the talented tenth
A woman who needs me not
And yet she needs me still
A women who knows that
To me- she’s the only flower on the field

My angelic beauty who matches my memory of pre-born glory, back in the prologue of time before God started our story. More magic than Disney, but willing to make the dream work… willing to receive a corny line long as it’s straight enough to make the team work.

She be queen,  and I be king.

I want a co-laborer to help me outlove the galaxy.


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