Into the Wild

We’re all animals and beasts just trapped in this cage. Provoked into baring our claws and our fangs, and expected to find the way that love should be made…

What do we know of heart?

Moreover, why should we care?

The one that wounded me is right over there. I’ll slot her throat, and shred her hair. I know how to handle this. This beast inside me was released to unleashed fury upon beauty. Appreciation is a weaker creature’s duty, but I refuse to let these tender happenings of the heart subdue me. We all know the truth…

Earth is a cage, and life Cagemaster.

Normalcy is insane because deep down we’re really slaves…

Love is the gold offered us at the end of a rainbow-

And we are the foolish blind mice falling through the air we failed to walk on to get there.

Color is of no substance.


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