Heart Upon A Letter

Can I bear my heart on this one?

To the queen who shall remain nameless…

I don’t even care about the poetry.  In my efforts to give adoration towards your glory, out emerged visual words of rhythmic energy… but their elaborately spun metaphoric meanings were never the point- simply the means to one.

You can liken me to the schoolyard boy shying away from the girls, not because he was shy but rather because he was mesmerized by her shine. His heart was magnetized and he lack the scientific know how of how to stir the chemistry. Indeed it takes a certain type of man to boldly shed his boyish skin on behalf of his cherished maiden…

I am that little boy in the school yard. I am a solar eclipse. I am that memory hovering just out of grasp in your mind. I am your dream vacation ever since you were a child… In essence- I am the silent call for your attention. The deafening gestures of a tentative heart…

Do you see me?

I can scrap the sweet words of romance- just for a moment alone with you. And when you catch a sweet tooth, I’ll have chocolate covered words of soul tipped love mutterings for you… a delicate whisper in your ear…

But in all honesty- poetry pales in comparison to the real thing… Who keeps a candle lit once the sun has come out?  Mi’lady you are that sun who lights my sky no matter how far away you may ever be…

It’s enchanting really. I’ve tried blocking you out, and I refrain from gushing often… but when you smile at me it’s game over. I know true love isn’t common because I’ve never felt a love like this…

Anywho- all verbal expression must come to an end… I hope to see you soon- and I pray you allow yourself to see me the way I see you.

Have a wonderful evening mi’lady…



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