Pick-Up Lines

What’s up girl? **big smile**

I can be the taste tester to that caramel skin of yours.

If I was Islamic I’d blow up a See’s candy store for you šŸ˜‰ (too soon?)

Girl you’re so thick you put the “booty” in “beautiful.”

If I had a penny for every word for pretty that you inspire an illiterate man with… I’d have a dollar.

Care to fix my phone?Ā  It’s a faulty device without your number in it.

Your first name sounds so much better with my last name on the end of it.

Is your name Crystal? Cuz I see our future in your eyes.

Baby we go together like Adam’s apple and Macintosh.

If our love had a sound it would be a clock’s last tick- cuz our heart connection is timeless.

So I was in class and I noticed your lips…
Hey girl- I can be the gold at the end of your rainbow.

You know what they say about a good kiss… oh you don’t? Well here, kiss me and find out.

I can light yer buzz beyond infinity šŸ˜‰

Bond. James Bond. I’ll be the 7 to your double 0.

Girrrrl I’ll Sylvester yo Tweetie Bird !


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