Love Glory

I would that you could see my flickering heart for you like wood yet to be ignited. The sparks of undeserving passion scattering throughout my members, collectively dismembered without your affirming breath to blow the smoky potential into a roiling flame.

I know not glory apart from your face. I know not momentum apart from your pace. Apart from your healing touch my soul can only ache, which is why when I see your face…

I rejoice.

My insides explode, my words whirl outta control ! Less preoccupied about the come up high from low, and more determined to take each purposeful step with your Heavenly glow alight in my soul. You are so, so beautiful to me.

When you breathe, my heart renders the currency of what is currently and suddenly reality starts making sense. I can’t believe I’ve been this dense like a field of tent covered bricks, and I know that despite how much I see, there is so much more perfect beauty to drown in.

Your glory was not built for the human eye, which is why I only perceive you through the throne of my heart that you now occupy…

I love you, and am striving to even know what that means…

You are the perfect Love; the flawless Glory.


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