Lying Smiles

Seductive curvature of appeal…

Smiles neither reveal what is true nor what is real- they merely strengthen us to trust in the optimistic beliefs held by our imagination. A good smile is like the armored doors to the king’s chambers- even if you manage to break through you’ll only wind up with a fight on your hands. And even if you win your only evidence will be the mocking trails of blood spilled on your hands winding down and curving into a…


A glint of the eyes. A flash of teeth. You think you’ve found your lover, but that could just as easily be your worst encountered enemy. A smile doesn’t mean anything. Sorrow, evil intent, heartache, deception, surprise, irritation…

They all wear smiles.

Trust is completely reliable and almost never readily identifiable because the period to persuasion’s every sentence is a smile. My dear friend died last year from cancer- ask me about her and I will lie to you with my teeth. Deep down there is a joy she brings, but the rest of me is locked in endless grieving.

I have seen the ripples of deception from people who think they’re hiding something from you… basked in the sunrays of brilliant beams from those who think their flaky nature is undetectable. It’s all beautiful really. The artistic ways that Lie has made itself poetically known.

A smile of all things…

Twisting the natural essence of joy itself into a weapon against its bearer… cuz that’s the real kicker. The lying smile is a steady drip of intravenous poison.

But you can be different. I believe in you. Do not fall prey to the snares of society. Do not succumb to the way of these curved beauties…

All these beautiful- lying smiles…



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