The Man

That man over there… he’s got an odd look about him… but it is one that is so very familiar…

He’s got the look of a man resigned to a pain he’s surrendered to. Pain not born of weakness, but of destiny embraced- the acceptance of incapability beyond endurance.

He’s got the look of a man whose sorrows number the grains of sand along the shoreline… a man who feels broken because he understands the true nature of his wholeness.  A man whose paint can only bleeds colors in a world that only receives black and white…

I see this man often.  I long to speak to him, but what words are there to share with one who bares his heart to bear the world?  So I patiently watch…

He’s got the look of a man who is afraid of love, not because of the uncertainty of its future, but because of the certainty of his past. Evolving from a heart breaker, but braking his heart from the dame his heart’s hard is breaking for because he doesn’t want to break her too… but he knows he loves her.

He’s got the look of a man whose only option left is to survive. Who cannot do right rightly, or do wrong well and so all that’s left for the weary warrior is to fight on…

Fight on warrior… fight on… these are the words I would say to him. Fight on… Faith is strength, and hope is sustenance… don’t believe the illusion that you can give up in this- there is too much in you… fight on warrior, fight on…

He has the look of a man who has encountered his personal demons… and dared sentence them to exile. A man who has stood in the mirror peeling back the social illusions of his identity… and been haunted by what he has seen.

He has the look of a man… who has finally learned what it truly means to be one.


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