The Win

If this one is for you then say this one is for me…

I’m a winner- point blank period. No matter how you rework my life sentence, I’m coming out with a win at the end of it.  This isn’t wishful thinking, pretending, or manipulative preaching- this is losing’s worst nightmare…


I’m incredible simply because I am.  I have no need to brag- I just boldly state these glowing, accurate facts. And in fact, my failures are failures- loss is intended to discourage, but what you gon do when I keep raising my bloody head from the dirt? 

I play for higher stakes.

Some strive to be the greatest taste on the plate, but my aim is to be the great Greatness that forms and creates. Battles may break me… People may scar me… Foolishness may plague me… But NO one can stop me.

I am where the unstoppable force and the immovable object potently coincide with cohabitating, violent harmony.

Mine is not the plight of ordinary men… But then again…

I’m in this for The Win.

If this one is for you, then say this one is for me.


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