Lone Soldier

Do not let your loneliness give way to desolation

Do not let your differences make you hopeless

You may be alone in the dark right now

But understand that this is the best place for you to shine your light

I know you feel abandoned by those whom you love

And that you crave the simple care of those who say they love you

I know what it is to be a part of something and yet not at all

I know what it is to wonder if you are ever, truly seen at all

You are.

This is what I know…

You may not be seen by those you would like to be seen by

You may not feel the way, in your mind, you ought to feel

But despite that, your penchant for impact, is firmly intact

Solo doesn’t mean you can’t glow- it means let the fuel for your blaze be an unquenchable hope

I see you- Lone Soldier…

So get up in arms- the world knows us not, yet needs what we are


For faith… hope… and love.

Keep up the good fight- Lone Soldier


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