New Day

Woke up this mornin feelin like a boss
Poppin tags like my swag was from Ross
Similar to Mike Jack I’ve got a bad moonwalk
Outta this world like Marvin and that ain’t table talk
But I am breakin boards- karate choppin the charts
Unsigned hype, no signature for what is right
Been shinin all my life, you can find me in the light
I’m a surgeon of impact, connoisseur of inspiration
Superman sent to make superlatives of the nations
I’m walkin on clouds. Standin on water.
If ya wanna unseat me, ay buddy don’t bother
Come for a king, and you’ll wake up servin paupers
Threaten my state of being, and you’ll end up in a walker
Put this veil on like a middle eastern daughter
I suggest you team up with greatness before you end up in a coffin
Cuz it’s a new day, and I’m feelin so swell
Hell pales when Heaven shells itself out so well
And I’m here to represent it. Avatar for the kingdom
Shocking power like Benjamin, indomitable like freedom


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