They consider themselves potters- masters of artistic craft.  But the only act they excel at is mass producing money making crap.  Buy out all the theme songs, and strap the big screen on.  Tease the senses with pretty words while they force their way straight through us like a lion murdering herd.

Do you hear me ?  They don’t want you !

They don’t want what they can’t control.  That’s why they recruit kids from just a day old. That’s why they employ those with confusion in their soul, they’ve learned from the God they deny- the most effective force is the one you personally mold. But Hollywood likes the look of its own face, so in place of God’s grace, they insert their dna and bippity boppity boo you’re gone… Oh look- another Hollywood clone.

They don’t want you.

They don’t want you if you’re not insecure… How can they replicate your song if you’re an original score?  How can they shape you to a box if you’re constantly opening new doors? How can they make themselves your lifeline if you’re always living for more…?

They can’t- and so you they’ll never adore.

Which is fine. Don’t cave. Don’t break. Just create in faith. Do you for you and then do it for the people.  Don’t get Hollywood stupid and dis God because of your ego. Be an eagle… And spread those super wings. Being you is original and that’s the most important thing.

Wings up.


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