Dear Fear

If you try to run up on me you’ll get pistol whipped with the piss you toled me with. I refuse to calm down and like a pack of racist savage hounds I can’t reverse this frown until I’ve hunted you, fired several rounds and then chewed you to bits. You’ve got a double edged tongue so I’m using two bits. Youre stupid, you stole the arrow from Cupid to shoot me with unaware that  I was already madly in love with your nemesis. Courage is my baby and she aint gotta pay me to do this. I’m like the combination of a sugar high toddler and an assassin- I’ll kill you then run in circles in public screaming “me do it, me do it !!”  You get one dis track with no remix cuz you’re so far beneath my feet what the heck am I gonna chop and screw with? It’d be foolish to assume that you could go more than one round with me- you’re like a cannonball target to a sharpshooter, fool you’re full of rounds like the teacup ride at Disney ! Not even worth being called enemy, but there’s enmity, so if I see you around here again imma make you commit suicide by spittin my lyrics- “Oh no- it’s the end of me !!”


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