A Slice


Just the very mention of it makes one cringe.

Unbidden, it conjures up images of bowed heads and foully manipulated subservience. Afterall… in a world that barely honors masters- who wants to be a servant? But we can only claw our way to the forefront for so long before the bloody muck of our fellow denizens stops and gives us pause…


Teeth grind. Eyes glare. Muscles clench. Everybody boasts about various aspects of strength, but there’s only silence when it comes to this. Nobody that wants to be good at not taking credit. Nobody wants to excel at excellence if the spotlight is exed out for extra merit.

We are wholly unwilling to be a part of a thing if it is bigger than our roll in it.

And its even worse when you know winning, it’s like goal tending, you’re shot blocking even before the throw is finished…

But being a humble visionary might require you to take a backseat. Whisper loudly, pray intimately, and seek Wisdom outside of your comfort zone and long reach- stretching beyond your limits…


It’s spotlight shows the humbly proud.





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