Have you ever dared not to hope? Ever been plagued by the plague of reasonable doubt? Ever confidently secluded yourself behind the fortified walls of your justified unbelief…?

If so then you, my friend, have practiced suicide. Not to worry- most humans do… myself included. Afterall, why run the risk of hoping for the improbable and then having to scrounge around for a remedy to the disappointment…?

And yet… a hope guaranteed is no hope at all. Fear has damned us all… if we don’t know it, then it’s not worth experiencing… but how can we ever progress beyond if never dare to lose it all?  How can we attain the future’s treasures lest we risk regressing to past snares and pleasures?

You see, by embracing the mock safety of not daring to hope whenever we need protecting we have stripped ourselves of life… Soul stuck stroking around a moat, while the body degenerates and the mind decomposes…

The jousting practice of preventing hope from being unseated is just as important as the war in which we depend upon our hope to yield victory.

Wield your mighty hope mightily…

Though sight be made blind, and dead fingers be yet pried- never surrender the burning light of your hope inside.


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