If My Love

Have you ever been in love?  Like truly, oh-my-goodness-what-was-life-before-you in love? If so then you know the pain that comes with it. The sheer agony of trying to verbally capture an accurate snap shot of this master chapter of freedom that your heart is in.   Listening to love songs in different genres and making up lyrics that sound like you’re on one.

Like, baby if my love was a country single I’d hee haw til my mouth was raw and then kiss you with the pure essence of who I really was. I’d dance in the barn til you came out, set the hay on fire, then try to make love before it all came down.

If my love was a hip hop lyric, I would hope you hear it and feel what’s missing- namely- me. My hand in your hand, and my eyes firmly planted in yours, cuz I can only grow from the waters of your shores.

Or, better yet, if my love was a jazzy boom bep, I’d ratatatat,  til you skee doddled my step. Bada, bada, boom, bada, bada, boom. Join me for a spin around the room.

And just for kicks, if my love was a Gospel hit it might sound like this: I’m blessed in the city,  I’m blessed in your bosom, blessed when I come and go… blessed with your kisses, blessed with your lovin, and blessed to be the one you trust with your heart to hooooollllld…

This is the type of thing I could do all day. Spin silly phrases into same minded stanzas of loving proclamation- if you have a love you hold dear,  and your mouth forms words, don’t hesitate to let them out… your heart passion needs to be heard.


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