Obviously Blue

It’s a blue sky.

I look up and I know it’s obvious,  but I can’t help but be awed by it.

It’s a blue sky.

A lot of obvious things have gone by me lately… Hours spent in conversations where neither of us was quite sure of the point the other one was making. Halfway through deliberating I find myself wishing for simplicity. Like the one guy in the advanced literature class who believes that prose is poetry… Why bother with the imagery of a dew drop missing its appointed sunrise, when you can use the word “boredom” directly?

It’s a blue sky.

But alas, a wish made upon a point denied bears no power other than super boosting one’s pride. One to lord over the conversation, and one pride to rule them all… Sometimes there’s more therapy in a movie score than a basketball game. Why sweat the frustration out, when you could exile it by strengthening your brain?

It’s a blue sky.

As I continue to move through time I find myself looking for the obvious things in life. The irony of my eye gates never ceases to amuse me- I will catch each and very odd point, confusion, or mystery, but the things most visible pass right through me. Perhaps my boredom isn’t boredom at all, but a frustrating feeling of disconnection.

No matter.

Today I make my stand to take notice of the obvious.

It’s a blue sky.


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