Dear Fear

If you try to run up on me you’ll get pistol whipped with the piss you toled me with. I refuse to calm down and like a pack of racist savage hounds I can’t reverse this frown until I’ve hunted you, fired several rounds and then chewed you to bits. You’ve got a double edged tongue so I’m using two bits. Youre stupid, you stole the arrow from Cupid to shoot me with unaware that  I was already madly in love with your nemesis. Courage is my baby and she aint gotta pay me to do this. I’m like the combination of a sugar high toddler and an assassin- I’ll kill you then run in circles in public screaming “me do it, me do it !!”  You get one dis track with no remix cuz you’re so far beneath my feet what the heck am I gonna chop and screw with? It’d be foolish to assume that you could go more than one round with me- you’re like a cannonball target to a sharpshooter, fool you’re full of rounds like the teacup ride at Disney ! Not even worth being called enemy, but there’s enmity, so if I see you around here again imma make you commit suicide by spittin my lyrics- “Oh no- it’s the end of me !!”


NY: Resurrection

The beauty, of death is

It makes life, a blessing

No regrets, not wasted

When sunrise lights faces

Every day is New Year’s day when the way you live raises new faces out of the grave.  Unborn newborn babies of soul and mind slaughtered before their time… they need more than the tears that we cry- they need co-runners to usher them to the honest confessions at the finish line, where  mama’s can smile and cry out- “There goes my baby!”  No more blocks, shadows, or stained transparency… people are dying behind these veils!

The ugly truth only becomes beautiful when we greet it; it is in secret that some of the best have slipped away from us into hell.

Life and death are two sides of the same coin- neither one is an end unto itself, but rather they are indicators of which direction you’ll be goin when you pass on and live on.  Those who have passed on have passed on the ultimate power over to us.  Their lives were signed over into our ownership when they died, and now we have contracted duality- we leave our impact with two lives.

When people see us we will be slowly etching our way into their soul- carving a mark of destiny into their memory.  But when they leave us- the deep stirring, inwardly, in their inner being will be the honey from the Heaven seed of the soul we grieve mixing in with their hesitant touch of destiny… Vividly sweet before their very eyes.

The beauty, of death is

It makes life, a blessing

No regrets, not wasted

When sunrise lights faces

Today I am a warrior.  A soldier for everything in me I’ve overlooked.  An assassin for the Lord dropping Goliaths by the handful for everything the Lord gave me that the enemy overtook.  I gave darkness and Satan, selfishness and hatred my personal permission to advise alongside God when making my decisions, but now I’m ending this delusional spiritual derision.

Not perfection, but aggression.  This shield of faith to make the earth quake in boldness as I repulse the slew of arrow flames aimed at my heart.  Focusing on instinctively not dropping my guard.

Taking up my sword to defend myself, my people, and my home, and embracing the truth: This life- this earth- is not a Eutopia… it’s a battle zone.  The Have Beens warring against the Will Be’s.  Not between humans, but between us and the former heavenlies- Lucifer and his band of exiled rebels see.

Yet we fear not, because God is on our side.  Two angels for every one demon- the numbers cannot tell a lie.

I am a warrior- we are warriors.  And the Lord Jesus is our Resurrected General, therefore the destruction that the enemy can deal is minimal because the poetry is literal- we live resurrected in General……..

The beauty, of death is

It makes life, a blessing

No regrets, not wasted

When sunrise lights faces

Welcome to New life.

#identityart #HappyNewYear

Warring Members

I’m sitting in this chair…

And I’m having the fight of my life.

My eyes force themselves wide, to take in the light-

Ignoring the fact that I want to close them.

My fingers… fly across the keys making love the keyboard….

My attentions softly caressing the screen- wooing her into compliance…

And poetry is born.

Intimacy breeds birthing which breeds legacy…

As I wage this war I am conscious that some part of me will be left here…

Something wholly unable for me to regain, but incredibly capable to replicate, and ice skate, where others have slipped and fallen.

My spawn.

My living child.

THIS is why I fight this battle…

THIS is why I duel slumber unto the death…

So that the punctilious life of others buried in the womb of my avant-garde creativity may be released….


I fight this battle wearily-

Yet willingly.


~The Wordsmith

Neo’s Breath (200th Celebration)


The single most powerful word any reality has ever heard.  The witlessness of my wit’s whimsical witness, causes me to stumble.  Where I would be strong to rumble, I am made falsely humble… I bumble, being the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted but not the most spectacular thing I was made for.  So here I am- caught betwixt two realities, in need of a twix to pause reality, one of them beguilingly promising sincerity, whilst the other gives no guarantee other than a face to face meet with my destiny… But I’ve trained myself to be vegetarian.  I don’t wanna start any beef with anybody by being too radical, so I COWer, and disguise my words as edible,  knowing that upon further examination it’s just a bunch of fluff.  Just… a bunch… of FLUFF.  I know the truth is that, the instant I rationalize to try stopping, I’ve decided to try dying for life is the only thing that continues… Death- is, and is no more.


I put my hand to the plow and then look back for a compliment, next instant I’m a condiment, or better yet a condom- insulated protection against the great life that was SUPPOSED to come…  I struggle not against flesh and blood, but against the demon assigned to my mind… He says that at the cresto he’ll pay me back, but I know he’s a kleptomaniac, I fire shots of expresso in an attempt to take ME back, but he just laughs…… I’m following dollar signs and white rabbits, new hopes and bad habits, hoping to get a burger bite as I walk in the sky.  I’m a man starving for fulfillment, I’m a filament with no light.  Told the power to conquer is within, but I must deny that gift, because if my awareness rises then I must live… If my awareness rises then I must live…  Right when I’ve acquiesced for fourth best, and settled for living dead, also known as living deadly, my world flipped upside down when I ingested the good news and it spawned deliverance in belly.  My legs are turning to jelly, guess I butter learn to peanut, be innovative, and serve the sands of time new whiches like a deli.  New ways of doing, giving, and being delivered… As I was.  De-livered… I had vital organs replaced in me.


I’m in the final stages of drastic metamorphosis, dueling the Emperor that’s ruled my world every moon since the day I was born.  A horridly beautiful dance in my weakening cocoon- what a fool.  Why is that the old won’t let up even when the new is about to erupt and pierce it in two?  ….. Probably because we despair and let that which always was run us through… That was me too.  Fighting the good fight, but fighting by regular rules.  Sweating, puffing, out of breath, blood wounds starting to drool, and then- the fatal shots rang out.  I slid down the wall, and collapsed to the ground… Silent on the outside, but inside was the loudest sounds… of Trinity.  The love of the Trinity gave shape and redefined me, telling me to believe in me, the beloved was in love with me, now stand up and fight and go take hold of your destiny!!  I opened my eyes- and I was on my feet.  Those demons that plagued me hissed like hellfire leeches, spitting their darts of doubt and- NO.  I eyed every single doubt, and fear- took a moment to marvel that such trifles used to make me quiver- then I plummeted every one of them to the ground.  I raced up to the leader- my childhood enemy- leapt inside of him and reclaimed my identity.

I dissolved his existence by exulting in mine…

I saw the TRUE state of things as I opened my eyes…

Now I could be help… Help others pass their test…

All one need do is see your you and accept- and if your universe protests?

Just smile- and take a neo breath.


~The Wordsmith

The Battle

This sickness that we sippin, is killin all of our children

Diseases, famine, and outrageous prices of livin

If we only live to rule the world, what kind of world are we buildin

We abstain from community, what shall the children live in

Overseas people dying at the lack of our abundance

They have faith through their despondence and will quickly do a sun dance

On our end – we’re ejecting God out of our culture

Raising a generation full of self warmth with cold shoulders

In our own land, we hate each other, and condone slavery

Better watch what you say to me, because of my insecurity

Meanwhile not far away from me, some girl’s getting pumped with STDs

Some woman is getting raped despite her mournful screams

How can we help the needy if we can’t stop being greedy?

How can we find depravity, and shut it down, if in it we are sinking?

This world is a ship that’s going down – its salt water we’re drinking…


The more we sip, the thirstier we get

Misnamed ambition, but what it is, is sin

Toxic work conditions, deadly toxins when you breath in

But you have to support your family, so you forfeit all your oxygen

America sports the clothes, spun by battered and wounded 5 year olds

We just turn up our nose, and say “that’s just how it goes.”

Kids dying of thirst, in mid-step to the water

Say that to ten people, and not one of them will falter

Humanity’s in a war, and we’re taking heavy losses

Wading through dead bodies – the casualties are all around us

We’re fighting our own nature, but have shifted to fighting ourselves

If we but shelf our rights, we might, curb this tendency to fail

Like it or not, you are an armed and capable warrior

The question is – are you for you or for the army?

Imagine humans in phalanx formation – what would you worry for?

The worst thing to be is a soldier in limbo – good for nothing, and to nobody.





~The Wordsmith