Life of a Queen (Dear Maya Part II)

(Dear Maya Part I)


Dear Maya,

Your passing hasn’t become any easier.

Sometimes your expired life arises inside my mind and I feel deeply inclined to cry.

But I am working on moving past that. Not to forget you, but to blossom from you.

You are the butterfly who discovered angel wings mid-flight… The ray of glory from which the celestial beings receive their cue… You are the irreplaceable imprint of God’s thumbprint upon the DNA of humanity. Grandma Angelou, you are truly what it means to be inspiration.

I know we are not truly related, but Grandma is what you are to me.

I slipped and fell into deep ravines, and found out I had wolves at my back instead of sheep. I’m a lion by nature, so I bristle by trade, but true royalty doesn’t obliterate people, it pulls them back from the grave!

Oh what a friend we have… in Jesus.

Grandma Angelou I’m beginning to understand. Like the legendary rose in the concrete, I am beginning to grow. Like the orchard in a palace courtyard during spring, I am beginning… to flourish.

Your hand is upon my back.
Your voice giving shape to my throat.
Your heart teaching mine a new beat.

And your love… your love IS.

And I am a part of it.

Thank you…
I love you…
I am sad we never got to meet…
But grateful that we will.

Happy Birthday Grandma Angelou. ūüôā


The Juvermeinx

I have decided to have nothing more to do with them.

I will leave them to rot in the chaotic, lying fumes of their hell razed fairytale.

I shall let them linger in the cheerful woes of their mocking delusions.

I shall let them perish in their arrogant displacement of balanced thought.

I will leave them to their imminent demise upon the island of righteous self intent.

I shall despair not when the sky of truth comes crashing down on them, and they have no cloud for rescue.

I shall trouble myself no further with their elegant modeling of the libel they struck me with.

I shall tend to the well being of only a precious few.

All earthly hell be damned, for all earth shall be damned in hell.

There is one path to Heaven and I have taken it.

Do not confuse the roads leading to the pathway to Heaven, for the pathway to Heaven itself.

It is perhaps most un-angelic of me, but I am neither angel nor am I Savior.

I am done with them, I say. Finished. Let dust flecked feet upon well trodden cobblestones, be our witness henceforth.

Sincerely (if I may),

The Juvermeinx


We need the influence of the gray hairs
The ones who have tasted the choking air of our less taken road
The ones who survived the assault of foolishness and the curse of being scared
Who fell in love with wisdom when they felt like losing hope

What we need is not merely people older than
What we need is our elders
Wrinkles who understand youthful intelligence and
Know how to inspire us to make it better

We need the old folk
With strong heads on strong shoulders
The ones who command attention like Captains and Generals
The ones who can train young hopefuls into soldiers

The ones set in their stubborn ways
Because being stubborn is what kept them alive
The ones who know God and can call out the immatures and the fakes
And yet give loving guidance over grandma’s cookin at the same time

Grave, responsible, playful, hard nosed- we need our elders
That courageous, legendary, heroic breed of old
Too many young people running around with only idealism as their helper
Whatever happened to love healing the world and truth anchoring the soul?

We need to believe in our elders
And we need our elders to believe in us
Factions fracture, but oneness overcomes failures
And above all, we need to return to in God we trust

Love Glory

I would that you could see my flickering heart for you like wood yet to be ignited. The sparks of undeserving passion scattering throughout my members, collectively dismembered without your affirming breath to blow the smoky potential into a roiling flame.

I know not glory apart from your face. I know not momentum apart from your pace. Apart from your healing touch my soul can only ache, which is why when I see your face…

I rejoice.

My insides explode, my words whirl outta control ! Less preoccupied about the come up high from low, and more determined to take each purposeful step with your Heavenly glow alight in my soul. You are so, so beautiful to me.

When you breathe, my heart renders the currency of what is currently and suddenly reality starts making sense. I can’t believe I’ve been this dense like a field of tent covered bricks, and I know that despite how much I see, there is so much more perfect beauty to drown in.

Your glory was not built for the human eye, which is why I only perceive you through the throne of my heart that you now occupy…

I love you, and am striving to even know what that means…

You are the perfect Love; the flawless Glory.

The Will of Bachan

Melodical smoothness reaching out towards infinity through the sunny expanse of time… arms reaching through black holes to grab hold of the wholeness that the progress of humanity has so foolishly left behind. ¬†Strings vibrate the harmonious sounds and wrap rap til it’s soundless and sounds less like something we would prefer to have no sound at all.

Before we know it we must press hand to head to keep from floating away as our ears turn into the wind of the instruments’ sweet serenade. ¬†Blind, deaf, mute, and paralyzed all come forth to be married off today. ¬†To be bonded with the condiments of the soul truth of today, listen- you can lose yourself as that music plays.

It jumps! It skips! It rolls along the ground.  To the untrained eyes, tis a spasm of the heart but to the wizened tis the most exceptional display of talent vocalized art.  When in uniform harmony none can part rider from horse, nor wars between stars from sheer force, and the force of the beauty going forth is nothing shy of amazing.

Then the drum hits, and destiny cracks open her door just a bit and we realize the key is changing! ¬†Cascades of fallen dreams spilling over from the endless weaving basket of space! ¬†This is beyond mere music, this is the heart song of faith! ¬†It’s beyond great. ¬†Beyond any construct that mere mortals have so brazenly made…

This, music… These, instruments… This divinely sweet nectar that we drink so deeply of unto the deepest crevasses of our indwelling spirit…

This is a class of purity all its own…

We would do well to sit back and listen.