One Day

One day we will learn that unity is cultivated by the lines that divide…
One day we will learn that all beliefs are temporary in an open mind…

One day we will see that truth and wisdom aren’t ours to barter and trade with for convenience…
One day we will understand that the struggle of identity is part of the human being experience, even Jesus…

One day we will grasp the folly in thinking we can change who we are through slick phrases and biological arrangement…
One day we’ll stop jabbing life’s book with our broken pens and learn to be adept at studying the pages…

One day we will believe we have purpose so strongly that we know freedom is not in the violating of these fleshly containers…

One day we will respect, not just the divinity, but the INTELLIGENCE of the Creator.

One day it’ll pierce our thick skulls through these skin walls that our issues and justice causes have root flaws that aren’t visible, they’re spiritual…
But until that day…

May we humbly increase in humility and actual understanding…

And may Grace liberally cover us all.



monarchThere are some amazing truths at work in this world.

Take the butterfly for example.  Bypass, if you can, the smooth glint and grin of tilted wings harmonizing with the wind.  Look beyond how it floats through gravity’s realm, deftly impervious to its clutches.  See deeper than its origin story of predestined transformation.  Know all of that, and see none of it.  Look at the butterfly… and see- a butterfly.

The butterfly is an amazing truth.


Because it is a butterfly.

It is a self contained, blossoming bastion of unique beauty.  Its very not-contingent-upon-your-approval existence is, itself, bold attitude defining it outside of its attributes.  Look from afar through a telescope; look up close with a microscope.

Same miracle.  Same butterfly.  Same created existence wrapped up in something that both you and I lack.

The closest we’ll ever get to being what the butterfly is is through idiomatic literary extravagance.  Metaphors, similes, and poetical analysis analogous to dimensional paralysis- we must freeze the moment we enter the butterfly’s world, and create a memorable memory to cling to when time catches us back up again.

There are some amazing truths at work in this world.

More than there is time to tell of them.

But the butterfly is one, and your neighbor is two.

Just a couple, out of a long line, of synchronous, disparate truths… and amazing to boot.

To Be

To be what has not been requires being oneself once for self and then again for men.  There is no being without self identity just like there is no friendly fire without enemies. It’s plain to see. That if you’re about the life you claim to be you can’t be striving for assimilation of the latest mass produced copy. That’s sloppy. And your life will be in vain like needles in a mirror. You need to be clear so you can be clear so when who you are begins to BE right here…

There will be no doubt that your light can’t be sat on like secret eyes from outside the atmosphere.

Public Enemy Number One

There is one mission.

There is one enemy.

The mystery of external affliction is unraveled right here- anything that bites and maims from the outside is under direct orders from something traitorous inside.  The idea of multiple enemies sprinkled throughout our lives like night twinkles along the celestial sky is an illusion supremely designed to keep us off balance.

There is only one enemy.

The will of the soul is indomitable, and the only thing to do with something unstoppable is to point it in the direction you want it to go.  It may not destroy itself, but it  will destroy its world, and when its senses come back to itself, its heart will have been poisoned by depressions that dwell beyond this world.

There is only one enemy.

There is only one mission.

In an era preoccupied with multi-tasking, the multiplying madness of business over efficacy runs rampant.  We have forsaken the waterfall for the spider-webbing streams running like veins down the mountainside and into the forest.  We have given up the whole of today for the fleet footed presence of “right now.”  We have failed to see that the goals of life and the universal purpose intertwining them aren’t supposed to culminate as one, but rather originate as one.

There is only one mission.


Love feeds the homeless and heals the sick.  Love is compelled to speak and search out what is true.  Love is a safe haven for one’s true identity to flourish.  Love repairs relationships, and safeguards the sanctity of life. Love pulls all the facets of this heartbeat wrapped existence into one, cohesive force.  History silently affirms- while Time passionately cries out- that Love… is invincible.

There is only one mission.

There is only one enemy.

And that enemy… is self… We get in our own way… Pervert purity… Hide behind false identity… Give demonic powers a suitable arena to play in…

Love. Conquers. Self.

There is only one enemy.

There is only one mission.

There is only one choice… so choose wisely.

NY: Resurrection

The beauty, of death is

It makes life, a blessing

No regrets, not wasted

When sunrise lights faces

Every day is New Year’s day when the way you live raises new faces out of the grave.  Unborn newborn babies of soul and mind slaughtered before their time… they need more than the tears that we cry- they need co-runners to usher them to the honest confessions at the finish line, where  mama’s can smile and cry out- “There goes my baby!”  No more blocks, shadows, or stained transparency… people are dying behind these veils!

The ugly truth only becomes beautiful when we greet it; it is in secret that some of the best have slipped away from us into hell.

Life and death are two sides of the same coin- neither one is an end unto itself, but rather they are indicators of which direction you’ll be goin when you pass on and live on.  Those who have passed on have passed on the ultimate power over to us.  Their lives were signed over into our ownership when they died, and now we have contracted duality- we leave our impact with two lives.

When people see us we will be slowly etching our way into their soul- carving a mark of destiny into their memory.  But when they leave us- the deep stirring, inwardly, in their inner being will be the honey from the Heaven seed of the soul we grieve mixing in with their hesitant touch of destiny… Vividly sweet before their very eyes.

The beauty, of death is

It makes life, a blessing

No regrets, not wasted

When sunrise lights faces

Today I am a warrior.  A soldier for everything in me I’ve overlooked.  An assassin for the Lord dropping Goliaths by the handful for everything the Lord gave me that the enemy overtook.  I gave darkness and Satan, selfishness and hatred my personal permission to advise alongside God when making my decisions, but now I’m ending this delusional spiritual derision.

Not perfection, but aggression.  This shield of faith to make the earth quake in boldness as I repulse the slew of arrow flames aimed at my heart.  Focusing on instinctively not dropping my guard.

Taking up my sword to defend myself, my people, and my home, and embracing the truth: This life- this earth- is not a Eutopia… it’s a battle zone.  The Have Beens warring against the Will Be’s.  Not between humans, but between us and the former heavenlies- Lucifer and his band of exiled rebels see.

Yet we fear not, because God is on our side.  Two angels for every one demon- the numbers cannot tell a lie.

I am a warrior- we are warriors.  And the Lord Jesus is our Resurrected General, therefore the destruction that the enemy can deal is minimal because the poetry is literal- we live resurrected in General……..

The beauty, of death is

It makes life, a blessing

No regrets, not wasted

When sunrise lights faces

Welcome to New life.

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