If My Love

Have you ever been in love?  Like truly, oh-my-goodness-what-was-life-before-you in love? If so then you know the pain that comes with it. The sheer agony of trying to verbally capture an accurate snap shot of this master chapter of freedom that your heart is in.   Listening to love songs in different genres and making up lyrics that sound like you’re on one.

Like, baby if my love was a country single I’d hee haw til my mouth was raw and then kiss you with the pure essence of who I really was. I’d dance in the barn til you came out, set the hay on fire, then try to make love before it all came down.

If my love was a hip hop lyric, I would hope you hear it and feel what’s missing- namely- me. My hand in your hand, and my eyes firmly planted in yours, cuz I can only grow from the waters of your shores.

Or, better yet, if my love was a jazzy boom bep, I’d ratatatat,  til you skee doddled my step. Bada, bada, boom, bada, bada, boom. Join me for a spin around the room.

And just for kicks, if my love was a Gospel hit it might sound like this: I’m blessed in the city,  I’m blessed in your bosom, blessed when I come and go… blessed with your kisses, blessed with your lovin, and blessed to be the one you trust with your heart to hooooollllld…

This is the type of thing I could do all day. Spin silly phrases into same minded stanzas of loving proclamation- if you have a love you hold dear,  and your mouth forms words, don’t hesitate to let them out… your heart passion needs to be heard.



Baby girl got me thinking ’bout ringing it

Handle to the bell, knock on door, ringing it

Eyes rolled em.  KO senses.  In the ring, ringing it

Circle of protection around our love – ringing it

Baby girl got them eyes that take you far away

I get lost in her gaze, find myself in outer space

Spacin out on earth, and forgetting to breath

This woman is my oxygen, my anchor – my gravity

Baby girl holds me down, when I would drift off

Holds me soft, like my socks, when my feet get cut on rocks

This road I’m on, is the one less traveled

Hardly any smoothness, way too much gravel

Baby girl got me thinking about the state of my house

It could be an estate, if she would stay in my house

But I gotta clothe her naked finger, like Eve in the garden

So I wrap a diamond in a rhyme, big enough to put my heart in





~The Wordsmith

Can You Be Down?

I see you across the room, and immediately my eyes are woo’d, and as soon as I hear your voice – it’s the sweetest of tunes.  Some might say this isn’t cool, because after all “you’re at church dude!” but I have seen so many precious jewels, and to let them float away would make me the biggest of fools.  … I have talked to you, and walked with you – you know the core of my story, and I know the heart of yours.  I thought I was seeing clearly before, but now that I see you I see  that my vision was blurred.  I’m unsure.  And yet at the same time certain, that if we pull back the curtain, we’ll discover the yoke of love for which we have individually been yearning.  I think you may have caught me once or twice – staring.  It’s so easy to get lost in your eyes, and your beauty is so enchanting it’d make a sailor stop swearing…

Can you be down?

You see – I don’t have much money right now… But I do have a plan, a vision, faith, and the power of my words.  We cannot live the high life just quite yet, but I promise you, you’ll not find a man more willing to serve.   And you should also know that I’m at the brink of financial growth, but at this brink, the gas leaks slow, so we won’t always be able to go wherever you want to go…  I style quite nice, but best believe it’s not a vice – I’ll be in a v-neck and some sweats and be just fine.  My humor is a bit edgy, and some would say downright mute-worthy, but I’ve seen your pranks and heard your jokes you float, and I’m positive that in the ocean I cruise, you’re COMPLETELY seaworthy…

Can you be down?

I’m a winner by trade, and I already know I’ve got it made, so I’m not looking for one.  Not looking for a herd of women all trying to be the same someone, but one willing to lead the pack and partner with a Lion… King.  Queen.  Of hearts.  Life – we ace.  Jokers – we face.  Assailants – we waste.  In all things – we pray… My eye is roaming for the gold coin in this field of grass.  There is life all around, but I’m searching for the treasure that will last.  Last longer than a hall pass, outlives dog tags, spins scarlet from mere rags, and is open to aid when drowning in pools of sad… I have searched high and low, and you mi’lady are the only one who has proven to be that rad…

Can you be down?

I cannot promise the life you always dreamed of, but I can guarantee non-stop adventures, a few splinters, some trials to overcome, and in all things being the winners.  We’ll be the dynamic duo, doing everything dual – together – as one, we’ll have won, we’ll have daughters and sons, and never walk after the promises of God – we run.  I cannot promise you the most perfect love in the world, but I guarantee the most humanly enveloping love you’ve ever known.  Taking in all your faults, your rough areas like rocks, helping you bear your cross, across the moss of the jungle that is life as we know it… We’ll be partners – I’ll lead – but the dance requires both of our feet to be in sync.  We’re a link.  We’re a chain.  We take the world by storm, and only get more powerful during the rain, we’re insane… In a good way 🙂

Can you be down?

I offer you the chance to bring the fullness of life into your lifetime without the drama of Lifetime, and I ask you like Mr. Rogers or a Valentine…

Will you be mine?

~The Wordsmith

Nouvelle Femme

It’s her laughter.

The laughter she brings with her on every interaction… the unknotted meshing of our souls and the overarching banner of joy lighting up our countenance and jeweling our atmosphere like a rainbow existing between our eyes only… The waters flow deeply between us and though we may never submerge to the full depths, we know that we can always go as deep as we need to go, for the truth is – the moment we met, our hearts embraced never to let go…  There is a tender spark, a flash of electric sensation when our hands touch.  A transfer of power from heaven through our hearts, connecting us in perfect circuitry.  Certainly.  The stars marvel aloud to the entire universe at the wellspring of life that flows out of us… not knowing that prior to you I was merely striking flint, seeking ignition… Then – her laughter.

Her laughter was the magical lens exposing my earthly vision to the realm of a new world – a new dimension.  I thought I knew color, and taste, and sight, and smell, and hearing, and the pace of my heart beating… Then her laughter.  The catalyst to a liberating power so magnificent that the Roman gods kneel before me with honor.  Everywhere I go, every step I take I open my mouth to try and explain that it’s not me, before her I was plain, just another deer racing along the plains, another bird in the sky struggling to keep pace with airplanes, another visionary going through labor pains, a man watching greatness occur from the other side of the window pane… Then her laughter.

Her laughter that beats back disaster, and empowers her to be her own master.  Regal beyond adequate title, yet entitled to everything –  the only word close enough to her on this plane of existence is queen… So Queen I do call her.  Checking my pride and helping to rule it, empowering me as a Lion King, then flipping the script when she sweetly sings, my demeanor it flips akin to an awestruck baby… I have no words, and I am captivated by her splendor… Her splendor… Good Lord her splendor…!  With others it’s a task, but I want to give her candlelight dinners.  Serenade her with my heart songs, pull down the gifts of Heaven to this earth.  Give them to her.  Pray fervently for supernatural peace to descend on her… It’s her laughter.

I hope that every Son of Adam is graced by one of her… One of Eve’s beloved Daughters.  The woman who brings strife, confusion, and separation, stray far from… But the woman whose overall presence elevates your atmosphere – cleave to.  Listen to the winds… Keep your eyes on the sun… Surrender your senses to the phenomenal glories of greatness ricocheting around the universe, and nothing less shall return unto you… I do not know what your catalyst will be, but for me…

It’s her laughter.

~The Wordsmith

The Pointblank Truth

I love you.

I have never meant that phrase quite so much as I mean it now, and truthfully I know not what has come over me, but my heart is bursting to overly shower thee with the root of my affection.  I could list the many things you do from day to day that nobody else can see or appreciate… I can run down the miscellaneous times you palmed my anger, and turned it into love before I escalated it to hate… I could hold you up to the women in my past, to illuminate the stark contrast, but ultimately – what good is any of that?

I love you.

When I say that I don’t mean it as others do.  It is not something mumbled at the table between mouthfuls of food, or a small dose of my heart like a teaspoon.  No when I say I love you, I’m telling you that all of me is wrapped up in all of you.  When your day has clouds, mine has rain.  When life is slowly driving you crazy, I’m already insane.  But when you are happy, I am out of this world ecstatic.  And when you bubble over with uncontained glee, I get so excited that sometimes I pee… Sorry.

I love you.

When I walk into a room that you have been in, I can feel traces of your presence.  When I walk into a room you are in, I wonder if anybody recognizes your Heavenly clothing of greatness.  On the dreariest of days your smile lifts me up.  Your touch is enough.  Your kiss – like a dove.  A manifestation of pure promise… Light unbridled, bridling the darkness.  I didn’t know grown men could feel giddy, until you looked at me, and my insides went silly… Shhhh.  Don’t tell anybody – you’ll ruin my street cred:)

I love you.

I love you, I dig you, I admire you, I desire you, I esteem you, I yearn for you… I think you’re the best, the most amazing, the most beloved, the most stunning, the most understanding, the most endearing, the most worthy of the remnants of good in this earth… I am committed to you, I’ll be truthful to you, I will do things with you, I will cater to you, I will tease you, I will trust you, I’ll probably tick you off, I will hold you, I will kiss you, I will cook for you, I will look you in the eye everyday and tell you that you are my Angel…

I love you.

An excellent woman motivates her man to be more… You do that.

An excellent woman knows her value, and so doesn’t look for her man at a store… You did that.

An excellent woman has a heart for the desolate, and helps with what she has… You do that.

An excellent woman looks after her whole family… mixing together all the elements like an award winning recipe…. You do that.

An excellent woman is strong and smiles at the future… You do that.

An excellent woman is surrendered to wisdom, and teaches kindness even unto her husband… You do that.

An excellent woman is productive, and the treasure in her husband’s eye… You are that.

She brings forth no foul thing, and evokes all of the trust of his mind… You do that.

You are the excellent woman, the pie in my oven, the catalyst to my lovin, the completion of my covenant, the spring that’s got me bubbling, the only one I cuddle with, the friend I jump in puddles with… 🙂

I… LOVE… You<3





~The Wordsmith