Heart Upon A Letter

Can I bear my heart on this one?

To the queen who shall remain nameless…

I don’t even care about the poetry.  In my efforts to give adoration towards your glory, out emerged visual words of rhythmic energy… but their elaborately spun metaphoric meanings were never the point- simply the means to one.

You can liken me to the schoolyard boy shying away from the girls, not because he was shy but rather because he was mesmerized by her shine. His heart was magnetized and he lack the scientific know how of how to stir the chemistry. Indeed it takes a certain type of man to boldly shed his boyish skin on behalf of his cherished maiden…

I am that little boy in the school yard. I am a solar eclipse. I am that memory hovering just out of grasp in your mind. I am your dream vacation ever since you were a child… In essence- I am the silent call for your attention. The deafening gestures of a tentative heart…

Do you see me?

I can scrap the sweet words of romance- just for a moment alone with you. And when you catch a sweet tooth, I’ll have chocolate covered words of soul tipped love mutterings for you… a delicate whisper in your ear…

But in all honesty- poetry pales in comparison to the real thing… Who keeps a candle lit once the sun has come out?  Mi’lady you are that sun who lights my sky no matter how far away you may ever be…

It’s enchanting really. I’ve tried blocking you out, and I refrain from gushing often… but when you smile at me it’s game over. I know true love isn’t common because I’ve never felt a love like this…

Anywho- all verbal expression must come to an end… I hope to see you soon- and I pray you allow yourself to see me the way I see you.

Have a wonderful evening mi’lady…



Pick-Up Lines

What’s up girl? **big smile**

I can be the taste tester to that caramel skin of yours.

If I was Islamic I’d blow up a See’s candy store for you 😉 (too soon?)

Girl you’re so thick you put the “booty” in “beautiful.”

If I had a penny for every word for pretty that you inspire an illiterate man with… I’d have a dollar.

Care to fix my phone?  It’s a faulty device without your number in it.

Your first name sounds so much better with my last name on the end of it.

Is your name Crystal? Cuz I see our future in your eyes.

Baby we go together like Adam’s apple and Macintosh.

If our love had a sound it would be a clock’s last tick- cuz our heart connection is timeless.

So I was in class and I noticed your lips…
Hey girl- I can be the gold at the end of your rainbow.

You know what they say about a good kiss… oh you don’t? Well here, kiss me and find out.

I can light yer buzz beyond infinity 😉

Bond. James Bond. I’ll be the 7 to your double 0.

Girrrrl I’ll Sylvester yo Tweetie Bird !


That husky voice gets me every time.

It’s something ’bout that mornin’ rasp that moves my hands from your thighs over to the clock hands to turn back time.  Trying to get back to that moment just before so I can relive the surprise.  So I can relive the roll over and let your sexy tones roll over me and re-invent delight.

Be mine. My daily valentine. The source of all my rhymes.

Whisper in my ear babygirl…

Croon to me with the musical influence of a tongue that knows me better than I do… With the lyrical caresses that possess me more than physical touch ever could.  I can ride the waves of the way you call my name from first light of day til the extra-terrestrial glow smashes into the ground.  I can’t help but not frown- I simply shiver when I hear the utterings of your throat slip into unworthy air…

That husky voice gets me every time.

At long last the last shadows have elongated this elaborate romance from the cell gates of this present moment to the outermost reaches of the infinite fringes of time.  I’ve been addicted to your sensual senses since this morning- you sang me pure sweetness through the sun’s journey across the sky and now I need you to be with me on the clouds tonight.  We’re gonna begin where the height of the earth ends.

Up comes easy for us because we were fashioned in Heaven in the first place… Ecstasy is the natural realm that emerges from us breathing in the same place… There is only one thing that distinguishes us… One powerful element that rouses cacophony of my soul and body into beautifully orchestrated, orchestral noise…

And that is the glorious, sexy, beautiful, endearing, strengthening, enchanting sound… of your husky voice.

I’m hooked on you baby.

A Wind Blew Through An Orchard

A blessed wind blew through an orchard…

Yet twas true twas cursed, and twas sad twas true. I breathed deeply of this universal breath, and believed the best about myself to be prevalent. I welcomed this beautiful poison into my nostrils with a smile on my face.

Eagerness accompanies the weak-minded. The fruits of the earth are mishandled by the ignorant.

The blessed wind is reserved for the blessed… nobody tells you this.

“See the great wind!” they say.
“Jump into its flow!” they say.

But a stolen blessing is a curse…

A blessed wind blew through an orchard…

And love damned them all.


My love isn’t lazy… it’s over worked. Force pushed from over-achievement to a cautious state of over analysis.

Baby you’re not hard to please, you’re simply hard to free. Your smile is a wand spouting magic across my soul, and your laughter is etched into my memory like a voice recorded note, but something still plagues my senses… something is wrong.

Perhaps no so much wrong as off. Your face is lit, but your eyes are smoldering wicks.  The culprit is either light or shadow, but I know this is some sort of trick. Deep in you is a yearning to sail away into freedom, but there’s an art to being a freed person and there are pieces of you that don’t fully believe you could be one.

Don’t ask me how I know this… I just do.  The shiny tracks running down your face and into oblivion as they drip off your chin are occasional clues. The way your pupils drift towards the sky, instinctively sympathizing with nature’s blues…

These are all tells.

But… you are my queen trapped in the castle. My princess secluded in the uppermost room. I will cross waters uncharted, travail the sands of time, and fight to break shackles with every breath in me. I will be your shining knight in suitable armor, looking sharper than a razor edged black marker. Trust me no one will go harder, when I reach limits I go farther…

You are the blazing heart that makes life brighter.