They consider themselves potters- masters of artistic craft.  But the only act they excel at is mass producing money making crap.  Buy out all the theme songs, and strap the big screen on.  Tease the senses with pretty words while they force their way straight through us like a lion murdering herd.

Do you hear me ?  They don’t want you !

They don’t want what they can’t control.  That’s why they recruit kids from just a day old. That’s why they employ those with confusion in their soul, they’ve learned from the God they deny- the most effective force is the one you personally mold. But Hollywood likes the look of its own face, so in place of God’s grace, they insert their dna and bippity boppity boo you’re gone… Oh look- another Hollywood clone.

They don’t want you.

They don’t want you if you’re not insecure… How can they replicate your song if you’re an original score?  How can they shape you to a box if you’re constantly opening new doors? How can they make themselves your lifeline if you’re always living for more…?

They can’t- and so you they’ll never adore.

Which is fine. Don’t cave. Don’t break. Just create in faith. Do you for you and then do it for the people.  Don’t get Hollywood stupid and dis God because of your ego. Be an eagle… And spread those super wings. Being you is original and that’s the most important thing.

Wings up.


Birth of a Hero

I was so dark.  Plus a black man.  I called me the Shadow Man.

Stealing goods from others, because mine were in the trash can

But I was no grouch.  Hustler, no slouch.  All legs- no couch.

I was restless, no VIP to peace for me, just the guest list

I chucked the deuces, cuz truth is, such a nuisance, the proof is

All in the pudding buried down so deep, I drowned King Triton at the bottom of the sea

Then with his trident tried to triple pay me, I had too many layers he couldn’t phase me

But I sabered him…Like ALL Jedi will do to ANY trekkies…

Yes I digress.  I was such a mess.  Best dressed for likely to be not blessed

The stress was stroking upstream in my life, my will was gettin clowned, was gettin creamed in my mind

But honey how could this be, I was supposed to be oh so divine

Gettin ticked at what my efforts were tockin about, not enough time to do what my mouth was talkin about

… The plug came out of- my bathroom drain.

… My brains just flowed out- Wordsmith- there goes my name.

A prisoner, tweet pound “pow,” lock me up inside this cage

Made a promise to God- If I should ever break out, I’ll detail how on EVERY stage


I’ll spit truth with frequency on EVERY wave, take my candle into EVERY cave

Be a knight amidst these knaves then raise these blinders off these braves

Cuz in the end these Indians are dependent on we in sin

And we just get ’em liquored up, got more problems?  I got another cup

But no more, that plane has flown, that ship has sailed, good bye be gone

And woe be un, to any of you nifty shifties who against me I’m like, silly really?

That’s really silly.  Beverly Hillbillies trying to assault my throne, gon’

And lost they mind, but I found it.  Back down homie, I’m the twilight zone

The pressure pressed me.  Out came a diamond.  Lyrically shinin.  Stuntin when I’m rhymin

It’s kind of- like I’m a whole different me, differential equations but equaling out to me

That was a math pun.  I’m a freaking English major, but when you’re one of God’s players you go from manger to Savior

From Hater to Thanker, and yes I know that’s not a word, but I creatively articulate creations burnin tradition with my fir!!

… I had to breath God’s grace.  Mother Teresa – be God’s grace.

… Thanks to the Alpha’s 3, internally, I get to see God’s face

Ex the old man, this is the evolution, bring down the babble, holy confusion

Adele aint the only one startin rumors, rumor has it this is a revoLUTION


~The Wordsmith

Love Flutters

I can’t tell my friends about this… It’s just not a tough look.  It’s not a manly phrase.  They already know she pulls something wondrous out of me – no reason smiles, songs and melodies laced with mushiness, movie references I have no business making, heck even poetry verse with no rhyme… The list goes on.  I try to explain how I was clouded by bitter rain, living life first, but had a caboose heart – always at the end of the train.  My childhood plagued me, past relationships ailed me, my calculations played me, and I’m certain that somewhere somebody hates me… Such sentiments I keep buried in the confines of my heart’s depths – truths I dare not utter.  Trapped in the cocoon of my blunders, til I discovered…

Love flutters.

She came along like Polly, and wheeled me away like a dollie, I’m sorry, but probably I wouldn’t be so intoxicated had I encountered more anomalies.  Too many lady wannabees, buzzing around the comb, but producing no honey.  In the words of my mother – “Honey, please.”  I tried to avoid, but I still caught a few like disease, those fleas that leech, and let you scratch your itch to appease, but ultimately are not the embodiment for that which one seeks.  But her… At the first love flutter, I was so startled I called my brother.  He told me to get it together, no woman can be such a treasure.  I wanted to listen… I wanted to believe… But as soon as she came around me, the love flutters overpowered me.  My heart was beatin like it wanted out of my chest, my eyes were seeing light like perceiving life out of death.  I could barely catch my breath.  Heart pace runnin out of steps.  What was left?  Put these love flutters to the test.

My boys asked me to define this enigma that’s rigged my mind.  I told them to sit down, and watch the metaphors pass by… Have you ever been working hard, sweatin strong, sun blazing down?  She’s the cool cup of lemonade, and the breeze’s gentle sound.  If you playin spades, then she’s the ace, if you eatin sweets, then she’s the taste.  Judge found me guilty of true love, and I plead her as my case!  If you paint a rainbow in the sky – she’s the sparkle that catches your eye, the dream arising in your mind, and the promise of grace that God made to mankind…  If you run a marathon she’s endurance, if you’re lacking health then she’s insurance.  She’s a tourist of your personality, and a resident of your heart.  She’s the reason you run home after work, because she’s a home run woman, her exquisiteness is out the park.

I paused to catch my breath, and my homies were on they feet.  No reason smiles on they face, asking “yo, can you find one for me?!”  So many fish in the sea, but I’m just looking for one “A” to match my “B.”  Where do these women you speak of stay at?  I’m ready for love fluttering.  My mind is open, waiting for a dove to fly through the window.  I tell them, fellas I don’t know, she caught me surprise yo.  Just make your heart a home worth living in, your mind a place she can be freed in, your soul a megaphone for God to speak in, and your actions a direct correlation of what you believe in… Oh and don’t panic.  Cuz when you feelin smooth as butter, shapin your dough – cookie cutter, tearin your fears asunder, honing and pruning yourself to be a lover, it’ll happen… This girl will take root in your mind, and suddenly –

Love flutters.


~The Wordsmith

The Girl That Changed Everything

I must admit… I’ve never done this before.  Normally things move at quite a more rapid pace, and in my haste I’m left with mess on my face… But for you – I’m going slow.  I’ve never done that before.  Normally I just jump all the way in, and get what I can get, before I get kicked… out.  Now, now I know what you’re thinking, and your perception of me is sinking, but what I’m talking about is my nature.  No, no stop thinking dirty – my nature is flirty.  I ease in with the charm, and the smile, and the wit like you’ve never encountered before.  My tactics surpassed that of a small army, because the first thing I do is cut your wires that trigger your alarming, so that everything I do is completely – disarming.  … But I didn’t do that with you.  I cannot.

I am moving slower than ever I have in my life.  Of course I have projections, and calculations – you very well could be my wife, but… I’ve never done this before.  Befriended as a friend with no intentions.  Wants yes, and hopes of course… But my thirsty mating call has grown hoarse, and I’ve mounted a new horse made of patience and endurance… Except on such a beast there is no insurance of assurance… Which is precisely why I’ve never done this before.  I’ve been afraid to lose to chance.  Too afraid to be enticed and then abandoned by romance.  So I gambled with double headed coins… A two faced maneuver that allowed me to engineer my own luck.  But with you… I don’t want luck.  I simply want – you.

How do I win your heart in a genuine fashion?  How do I get you to risk with me and step on this magic carpet to fly off further than you can imagine?  I am plagued by the fact that I can see you.  I see who you are… and long ranging implications of that which you will become.  I prayed, and I sought, and the Lord has said that yes – everything I would put in a basket for a wife, He has pre-packaged and bought… by creating you.  I dare not say I am in love – for those in such a state do crazy things.  But how long can I deny that you are her I would lay it on the line for?  How long must I keep silent about my growing affections?  … It’s your laughter.

I’ve never done this before… not led with a flirting sword.

I pray that you will be patient with me, and be brave and step into the day with me…

If not then I guess I’ll just be here waiting… hoping for a new idea…

Because I’ve never done this before.

~The Wordsmith

Check Me

This is a minor plea… Not desperate, not thirsty – just a minor plea… Please stop treating me like a minor key.  Like I can’t undo big locks, and open the door to destiny.  Don’t treat me like I’m dingy, when the Craftsman made me shiny.  Don’t ignore my straight forward, and call it crooked and whiny.  I am not on display for your amen, or your parade, and so I would appreciate, if you would start to hesitate when you box and tape my name.  Unorthodox is me – get it right, but don’t ship me off.  I extend both hands for blessing – why you gonna flip me off?  I have a suggestion… More like an insisted recommendation… After you’ve given me the once over – go ahead and look me twice.  Then put on your 3D glasses, and look me in the eye… I guarantee that you will be surprised by what you find… There’s one that I’ve learned on this earth – there are few of my kind… This is a short excerpt from the book of my annoyance – I kept it brief like boxers, because I’m aware of your lack of clairvoyance… Now that you know… Give me a reason to not make a new edition… Don’t just check me off and check me out, and forget everything I’m about… Open your mind, like the expanse of the sea… Take a calming breath of air like the breeze on the beach…

And check – ME.

~The Wordsmith