Open Your Mind

What manner of power is this?

What kind of Force?

The Jedi must be Sithing me…

That’s the only explanation.

Why else would the good defer to the wicked

Or the purity default to unforgiveness?

“IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME” goes the motto

But if we treat each other like things

We tattoo our own sorrow.

It’s odd how we’re so intricately individual yet, over shadowed by interconnectivity…

We’re interconnected.

You and me.

Like A, B, and C holding it down on their end for Z.

Open your mind.


~The Wordsmith


A Peek

What do you say when you don’t have any words?
But hey he’s The Wordsmith they say that that’s absurd
In case you haven’t heard, I’m so cold brrr
I wish you were in my head, to take out this monster
Sometimes I wonder if I should lay the pen down
But then I think of the the fans I would let down
But I stay down, hopin I’ll find the right word to take me to the clouds
So far I haven’t. So far I’ve smashed it.
Smashed my attempts to move beyond the fence
The way these issues compact, it’s got me feeling dense
So covered in confusion I think I need a rinse
Is this rap or is this poetry?
Is this too honest cuz I feel like you’re gettin more of me
I guess that it’s for now, my thoughts you got a kernel
The rest of this will be in my rhymes, cuz I dont keep a journal
I don’t only write about love and happy, happy
I have issues like you do, and I cannot stand my daddy
Don’t get anything twisted, amidst all this ventining
Your attention I rented cuz I could no longer resist it
These won’t always be so dark. Won’t always be so stark.
But if you notice I’m not on the boat
It’s cuz I’m almost drowning tryna swim beside the ark

~The Wordsmith


It’s simple really…

The longer the earth ages, the more the book of my life withers, and turns yellow at the edge of the pages.  With every breath inhaled by this atmosphere, I at once fear, fearing to fail before myself and my peers.  You see because Doubt and Impatience pace their way patiently, placating the plays made in this game of life, with empty promises.  It’s simple.  The scientists have overcomplicated it, and far too many religiously types have made it intricately dumb.  Good works do not get you into Heaven any more than bad ones get you into Hell.  Put the works on the shelf.  Look up like an elf.  Think on it – and think on it well.  Evil and Righteousness are the major dynamics splitting the galaxy in two.  The schism between Light and Dark gives moral decisions their cue.  Bad deeds do not lead one to the burning lake, but to the clasping tendrils of the Dark they do so open the gate.  Good deeds will not place you on one of Heaven’s thrones, or let you call it home, but it does overcome Evil, and give Light license to roam.  It’s simple.  You give and you get.  You steal and you lose.  You started off barefoot where you are, and you’ll finish running in shoes.  Ambition deserves kisses, and affection like no other.  Vision is a bride, tied to one’s soul, pleasing your mother.  It’s simple.  If you want to be effective… To VHS your emptiness and eject it… To mr. fantastic your abilities and stretch em… Then accept it.  Simplicity.  Less is more.  If you find yourself drowning, or overwhelmed, divide to the most accessible denominator then make all the moves you need to.

It’s really quite simple.


~The Wordsmith


People like to challenge you out of the depths of their own shallow depth, stealing breaths, and happiness from one moment to the next… Speaking life’s antithesis, as their own greatest witness, and generously serving you a platter of their unbelief with a glass full of unforgiveness… See, these are they who have dreamed, and became so enthralled with the invisibility of the unseen scene, that they cut it.  Got heated and changed teams.   Creating various logical sequences on their ambition’s delinquency, that they’ve changed frequency, and tell you that if you air something else you’re free falling into failure…

Ohhhhh but when you know.  See, a lot of people have a burn to believe in something greater and unconditionally loving, and then when you present the gift of Jesus Christ from God Himself, they act like it’s nothing… Ohhhh but when you KNOW!!  When things are so far beyond your control, that you no longer even LOOK for the remote.  When your lack is drowning you, outside the castle in the moat… Some people whither and others grow, and the ones that grow, KNOW.  Jesus is not just a passing statement or a religious icon.  Jesus is not just a character in a movie as the Light One.  He is not a myth that groups of people have designed in order to engineer happiness… No – my friend… No…

When you’re stuck in the dark of your confusion, and the light never comes on, but your feet find their way home?  And you encounter revelation, and the negativity is gone?  That’s Him.  When “some voice” tells you to back down, cool off, take another route, double check, say hi, duck, give a dollar, give a hug… That’s Him!!!  You KNOW you’re not that nice or insightful.  You KNOW that without somebody working on your behalf alongside you that your life – no matter how bad it is – would be vastly more frightful.  You can’t dodge bullets!  Or catch them in your hand!  You’re not your own hero – YOU are not Superman.  No – my friend… No…

I’m yanking on the chain hoping the light comes on.  Racing, leaving bars of light behind me like Tron… When you KNOW, you can’t help it!!  Your gratitude – can’t shelf it!  You cease caring about others’ Jesus beliefs, because the seeds of His deeds, have proceeded into trees, and the fleas of doubt flee, and with a blink… you can see.  … Because when you know – you KNOW.  And if you don’t – then let Him show.  Ask Him, and I guarantee He will.  Because YOU specifically are written into His will.  If you will, then He will, and when He wheels – Hold on Jill.  You don’t have to roll down the hill.  Just stay there and watch, til the tocks grow still, and the ticking counts down to an explosion – for you to be healed.

Because when you know… you KNOW.

And what you know cannot be stolen.

What you know cannot be refuted.

It’s yours – hold onto it.

Then live in such a way that it inspires others to catch a clue, and seek out the truth – that God LOVES you, and Jesus was crucified, buried, then came strolling back into life – so that they can KNOW and live free too.

… Because when you know – you KNOW.


~The Wordsmith

The Girl That Changed Everything

I must admit… I’ve never done this before.  Normally things move at quite a more rapid pace, and in my haste I’m left with mess on my face… But for you – I’m going slow.  I’ve never done that before.  Normally I just jump all the way in, and get what I can get, before I get kicked… out.  Now, now I know what you’re thinking, and your perception of me is sinking, but what I’m talking about is my nature.  No, no stop thinking dirty – my nature is flirty.  I ease in with the charm, and the smile, and the wit like you’ve never encountered before.  My tactics surpassed that of a small army, because the first thing I do is cut your wires that trigger your alarming, so that everything I do is completely – disarming.  … But I didn’t do that with you.  I cannot.

I am moving slower than ever I have in my life.  Of course I have projections, and calculations – you very well could be my wife, but… I’ve never done this before.  Befriended as a friend with no intentions.  Wants yes, and hopes of course… But my thirsty mating call has grown hoarse, and I’ve mounted a new horse made of patience and endurance… Except on such a beast there is no insurance of assurance… Which is precisely why I’ve never done this before.  I’ve been afraid to lose to chance.  Too afraid to be enticed and then abandoned by romance.  So I gambled with double headed coins… A two faced maneuver that allowed me to engineer my own luck.  But with you… I don’t want luck.  I simply want – you.

How do I win your heart in a genuine fashion?  How do I get you to risk with me and step on this magic carpet to fly off further than you can imagine?  I am plagued by the fact that I can see you.  I see who you are… and long ranging implications of that which you will become.  I prayed, and I sought, and the Lord has said that yes – everything I would put in a basket for a wife, He has pre-packaged and bought… by creating you.  I dare not say I am in love – for those in such a state do crazy things.  But how long can I deny that you are her I would lay it on the line for?  How long must I keep silent about my growing affections?  … It’s your laughter.

I’ve never done this before… not led with a flirting sword.

I pray that you will be patient with me, and be brave and step into the day with me…

If not then I guess I’ll just be here waiting… hoping for a new idea…

Because I’ve never done this before.

~The Wordsmith