The Dark One

This is what I do.

Drawn ever unto the light, but retaining my picture of imperfection. I can’t be framed, because I actually did it. I can’t condemn the world, because I’ve been cursed by spirit. The luxury of lackluster living spoils me…

I am the Shadow Man.

Sometimes I forget.

Sometimes hope sneaks up on me. Dreams sneak up in me. The sun blazes and I think its holy light can finally be the remedy.

…. but who is there to conquer when I am my only enemy. Enmity inwardly ending things instinct free… injury prone and found guilty.

I am the Shadow Man.

I can’t keep track of all the wrong things I’ve done. Can’t cling to redemption long enough to hold on. My heart freezes up and my fingers break. I am not Tris, not made dauntless, I am the loch ness forever locked inside his cage.

I am the Shadow Man. The Magic Terror. The Demon Dressed in Light. The Evil One. The Unholy Son. The Mare Rider of the Night. I quit everything except the darkness I dabble in, because when a man has nothing, he needs power and I’m too afraid to be powerless out in the sun.

I am the Shadow Man.

The unsolicited villain sullying and polluting the brook your story flows in.

No liberty bell can save me.

For I…

Am Rumpelstiltskin.


The Juvermeinx: The People With No Mouths

Your tongues are thick with their rhetoric… lips sewn shut by their targeted claims of bigotry… any thought you thought you once had is distilled through the mediocre philosophy of not offending or judging anybody.

Your burning desire to reduce conflict’s flame is erasing your humanity.

You have given them permission to do ANYTHING.

They turn God to myth and make women out of our men. Females think they want to be males, tolerance is made to seem swell, but if gender gets completely deleted, psycho-emotional infantry will be mass deceased and the souls of this earth will be poisoned beneath the feet of a people who don’t know what being a person even really means.

And you’re so scared to be opposed by the big shots that you defend the ridiculous menacing vigorously. These degenerates generate religiously, using the very tactics of the Christians that crippled them initially.


They needed to escape the manipulators of God’s name, so they could get away and express their deep struggle in a real way… and instead, they made their God their pain and their reality their struggle. They eliminated internal fight and replaced it with “normal.”  Is it really true that a few bad people have this much power over you? A few people who abused God’s truths can completely restructure your life for you? Must be, because you are now the few people forcing the many to capitulate to you.

So what are YOU going to do. Yeah you. With the thick tongue and mouth sewn shut.

It’s embarrassing to be part of a humanity that calls itself progressive when the protestors can’t speak up.

You need to do something before you’re wiped out. At least if you’re catching flak, that means you’re taking responsibility for being alive. Look at the history books- light has always had to struggle to survive. That’s why they don’t fight for their rightness, they fight for your silence.

It’s the key to our genocide.

-The Juvermeinx


There’s a hero in there… somewhere.

I know this because I can’t sleep without dreaming of people I want to inspire and I can’t be awake without seeing maxed out potential all around me. Sometimes I feel like lost poetry in motion, emotionally charging for creative assault and battery. I feel the coursing rivers of a curious strength in me, but the clouds across my mind have me feeling like my undiscovered gifts are a hidden disease.

I’m not aiming to please, but it feels like I missed the mark. If I don’t stop it quickly the ghostly burden of failure before enduring will drive me to my knees. There’s a hero inside me somewhere, but I feel like my super powers are super used to stay super sane. The picture of mediocrity in a different frame. Measurable discord in the membrane…

But in the quiet moments of my thinking… that hallowed space between one thought and the next… a mighty force deep in my soul crackles with power and vision. The voice of God pours through and I’m reminded that the battle isn’t the fight- it’s the perseverance. What? Easy to say for You Almighty God! You don’t have to deal with the doubt in my thoughts… you don’t have the burden of being blessed with something so incredible that you don’t really have words for it…

I say there’s a hero somewhere inside me, but I’m not sure I’ve earned it… the right to use that word. But then again- how can you earn the right to something you were born with? I didn’t choose this- creativity, vision, hope- I woke up with it.

It’s me.

There’s not a hero somewhere deep inside afterall… because the hero is me already.


They consider themselves potters- masters of artistic craft.  But the only act they excel at is mass producing money making crap.  Buy out all the theme songs, and strap the big screen on.  Tease the senses with pretty words while they force their way straight through us like a lion murdering herd.

Do you hear me ?  They don’t want you !

They don’t want what they can’t control.  That’s why they recruit kids from just a day old. That’s why they employ those with confusion in their soul, they’ve learned from the God they deny- the most effective force is the one you personally mold. But Hollywood likes the look of its own face, so in place of God’s grace, they insert their dna and bippity boppity boo you’re gone… Oh look- another Hollywood clone.

They don’t want you.

They don’t want you if you’re not insecure… How can they replicate your song if you’re an original score?  How can they shape you to a box if you’re constantly opening new doors? How can they make themselves your lifeline if you’re always living for more…?

They can’t- and so you they’ll never adore.

Which is fine. Don’t cave. Don’t break. Just create in faith. Do you for you and then do it for the people.  Don’t get Hollywood stupid and dis God because of your ego. Be an eagle… And spread those super wings. Being you is original and that’s the most important thing.

Wings up.

Public Enemy Number One

There is one mission.

There is one enemy.

The mystery of external affliction is unraveled right here- anything that bites and maims from the outside is under direct orders from something traitorous inside.  The idea of multiple enemies sprinkled throughout our lives like night twinkles along the celestial sky is an illusion supremely designed to keep us off balance.

There is only one enemy.

The will of the soul is indomitable, and the only thing to do with something unstoppable is to point it in the direction you want it to go.  It may not destroy itself, but it  will destroy its world, and when its senses come back to itself, its heart will have been poisoned by depressions that dwell beyond this world.

There is only one enemy.

There is only one mission.

In an era preoccupied with multi-tasking, the multiplying madness of business over efficacy runs rampant.  We have forsaken the waterfall for the spider-webbing streams running like veins down the mountainside and into the forest.  We have given up the whole of today for the fleet footed presence of “right now.”  We have failed to see that the goals of life and the universal purpose intertwining them aren’t supposed to culminate as one, but rather originate as one.

There is only one mission.


Love feeds the homeless and heals the sick.  Love is compelled to speak and search out what is true.  Love is a safe haven for one’s true identity to flourish.  Love repairs relationships, and safeguards the sanctity of life. Love pulls all the facets of this heartbeat wrapped existence into one, cohesive force.  History silently affirms- while Time passionately cries out- that Love… is invincible.

There is only one mission.

There is only one enemy.

And that enemy… is self… We get in our own way… Pervert purity… Hide behind false identity… Give demonic powers a suitable arena to play in…

Love. Conquers. Self.

There is only one enemy.

There is only one mission.

There is only one choice… so choose wisely.