Dark Heart Emcee

I hate the great, I break the gate to the lake
And drown these flippin clowns like ice in kool-aid
My heart of darkness sparks this, mark this
Spot, because my rage is the point of my gaze
Focused on the focal point, ready to tip your axis
I’jm a hater and I’m proudly revoking all your passes
You barking like a mastif, lobo, fraggin bastich
As if, amassing the masses in Mass is
A masterful plan to get me back in my classes
But now, I’m the principal.  I.  Am.  The principal.
Time outs, take your gameboys, sit back poppin my steroids
I’m an air boy… I mean airborne toxin
These words I spit are toxic, but they keep a body rockin
Landslide right into your coffin, you dancin while I’m just scoffin
I’m a parasite in your noggin, the cloggin, clockin floppin
Flippin your world straight upside down, word to Brown, look at me now

~The Wordsmith