Darkies in Paris (remix)

Intro The Wordsmith, I hail from dena, you can call me Pasa…

Preachin the Good News to save you from the reaper- and hell after

I eat my cereal- out of the rose bowl

Intolerant to lactose I hate the milk flow only juice up in my bowl bro

They lookin at me, like who is this homeschooled kid and why is he rappin

But when I get off the stage, their lives are changed, they can’t stop clappin

Like Gibson to Christ… I’m mailing my passion

So much power your crippled grandma is on the floor – 50’s dancin

Hunchbacks straighten.  At this gypsy dancin.

Statues talkin.  Disney magic.

But this is more than magic, more than ma-sons, more than darkness, more than hate’s spawn

I came by the way of the REAL son, no Khaled but I’m on one

This is real son, no mandrakes, how real is yo man drake

When the world he proclaims is so fake, and his soul is headed for a fire lake?

Don’t say that I hate, his name just rhymed, to talk abut the rest I aint got time

I’m not a basher, I am a sheep born of a mighty lion’s line


L-E-C-R-A-E, that’s Lecrae

How’d BET mispell his name?  That’s so cray

Real Talk, After the Music Stops, Rebel, Rehab, and Overdose

Look at the top of your itunes charts- that’s Lecrae

Hi Rhianna.  You gotta change ya life to change the game

Hi Rhianna.  I got love for you, but my love cain’t save

If you want life music, I suggest Lecrae… Bye Rhianna

L-E-C-R-A-E, that’s Lecrae


Ball so hard, that I bruise my hands, then I stick em in the burnin sand

Sands of time, please rewind, so I can review the master plan

Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.

I remember now… Oh yeah.

I’m not Clark Kent, not a human, I was born a Superman

Cloak on my back, lightsaber in hand, the Force in me, I’m a Jedi man!

With every clock tick, I flip a nitwit, I’m the VIP list, you’re a chicken!

Grow some greys, get some wisdom, ditch the ignorance, get forgiven

Tell me I can’t, I’ll do it times ten, tell me I’ll fail, I’ll do it ’til time ends

James Bond-servant of Christ, on a mission to give you life

But ya’ll like the grave, and shun the saved, to reveal the whole picture, I gotta break the frame

Like the legend of John, and his ordinary people, shook the world up, by the name of JESUS

It is time to MAN UP, everybody stand up

Power when you stand firm, used to be the slave, now you the master

This is  realer than your mirror picture stabilize your inner drifter liberate your inner dreamer free yourself cuz you’re a winner

I refuse to quit I won’t surrender unsheath my sword I will speak with it Thundercat beasting chaching I change the world


The Wordsmith


Fly (remix)

Dear journal, better dear diary

Feelin Michellin, I am tiring

Old milk in the fridge I’m expiring

Workin for myself cuz no one’s hiring

What I desire is a full break through

Not another manager tellin me my break’s through

Dream is a window reality breaks through

And the drift in my drive is one the brake’s threw

I’ve got to believe in me

Achieve in me, cuz something is grieving me

Policing my mind for doubtful disorders

Snatchin the green card from thoughts that cross borders

What I am is royalty- sire

Fresh and verylintless- drier

Born under a star, like the Messiah

Birthed to make the earth glow- fire


Word to Minaj for the very next statement

I represent an entire generation

Racket to the pavement, we are not playin

Look us in the eyes, don’t send us to your agent

I am contorting, morphing

Optimus, Bumblebee, I am transforming

Narnia.  Aslan.  I am roaring

We need the Lord to reign.  Glory.  Pourin

These days peeps wanna do things they self

You’re considered an urban legend if you’re prayin for help

But what I’m posed to do?  I can’t reach the top shelf

The power to change is one greater than myself

So I will fight.  I will win.

I will pray, and I will live.

Use the Force, and walk on the sky

Cuz deep inside our hearts we are ALL Jedi


The Wordsmith

Dum Dum (Remix)

When there’s an earthquake- I keep my feet steady

Weezing weighty lyrics- cuz I breathe heavy

When the sands move- I’m on the rock baby

Counter culture, Kingdom minded, all terrain like a Chevy

I skirt the rink the of skaters- my life is inline

They bleedin from the scraper- their aim is the sky

Buncha coffin haters, life, tryna get mine

They don’t know this love is free, I’m just tryna GIVE mine

A bunch of spongebobs- stackin crabby patties

Talkin nonsense- what is a catdaddy

But they wrap this gift, pin it on top of your list

Seein how deep they can dig, redefinin Christmas

They dancin on our toes, braggin bout how they ball

Nehemiah, Holy Ghost, rise up in me at this wall

In the flood, I’m levee tall, St. Nick, Peter, Paul

Glue to prevent Humpty’s fall, Jericho meet Joshua!


I never take the bait, so I don’t need a hook

Call me literary- I’m writin a  book

Words are in your noble barns- all up in the nook

But you two step from the Gospel, like the crowns and the rooks

Look at this Shepherd’s staff- I’m caught in the crook

You know what Jesus does?  He be caughtin crooks

I mean catching slaves.  I mean clearing drains.

Basically He sets us free because our freedom’s why He came

Let the beat go… Out your window…

Windex your soul… And give a peep show…

Let them look in, put their looks in…

Look again- and look again!

Imperfect human with tumors hidin’ from scrutiny

Nitro light these boosters and shoot into transparency

Right now it’s so light, but imagine how night it can be

If you forget how to light your candle for destiny


Chokin on them chocolate stems- tryna get a rush

Keep eatin m&ms, guarantee you’ll get no love

You so full of cheese- look like a stuffed crust

Doctor, Doctor!!  Gastric bypass- it is a must

I am a surgeon for pulmonary correction

Headin straight in for the heart of the body of the brethren

You bout four steps from greatness like the number 27

Do not blame God for lateness, if you never aimed for Heaven

Ya’ll think we dum, dum for servin this Jesus

But we a whole piece, Satan just left you in pieces

Now you bitter, like the sugar been stole from your Reese’s

Please accept, Romans 10:9, repent and believe it!

And despite the lights- don’t get awestruck

Ain’t got no Heaven or Hell for you- but God does

I’m on my green mushroom- I got the one up

Stained from the toes up.  All white.  Christ’s blood.


~The Wordsmith

No Weapon

Satan’s squeezin til I uncle, but he bout to catch a knuckle

I chuckle when he says buckle, victory’s here, but it’s subtle

Amidst all his cheesin, Jesus be poppin off demons

The Gospel sowed life into the blood of the fishermen…. seamen

My soul recalls the Trinity, remember the Titans?

The ultimate Divinity, shock Zeus with his lightning

It’s a catch 22 when I break down in fear

The fear is real, but so is the Cross, so whom shall I fear?

Place me butt naked in the midst of the camp of the Enemy

Use your double edged swords to bi-laterally pierce me

Stone me til eyes expire, set my skin aflame

Torture me ruthlessly, order me to blaspheme His Name

JESUS, ask again and I’ll tell you the same

Your weapons blunt against His righteousness, You cannot keep Him caged

He rises up inside of me and shakes His lion mane

Jail my body if you want, but the Spirit cannot be tamed!

I’m Goin In (Remix)

Sword is a pen, sword is a pen

Sword is a pen, sword is a pen

And I’mma write hard, I’mma write hard

I’mma write hard, I’mma write hard

Sword is a pen, sword is a pen

Sword is a pen, sword is a pen

And I’mma write hard, I’mma write hard

I’mma write hard, I’mma write hard


What this is… We some soldiers and we Christian.

Enslaved to Tom Hanks, we sold out, for the mission

You pushin whips, but you on ice, son you slippin

I’m sippin, on your losses, I’m bossin, I’m winnin

If ya’ll be to rap what, key be to lock

Then we be to earth what, light be to God

Ya’ll, ya’ll be the food, and we be the salt

No Christ, and hellbound, that’s why you so hot

I’m a wrinkle in time and I’m ruffling feathers, the eye of the storm and the stormy weather

Drown me on the ship, but I am the treasure, reflecting His glory with every letter

You cannot phase me captain kirk I’m bringing down your enterprise

Your inner pride is gone goodbye, SURPISE, I’m a freakin Jedi

Say hello like dominoes, I serve a slice at all my lows

Ology of Theo, let’s see how DEEP the rabbit hole goes

I’m standin on the waterfall, watchin the water fall

Word to Quad, Hallelujah, as Jericho’s stones fall